Parvati, Villain of the Stars
Current Age Undetermined
Date of Birth December 31
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Gender Female
Species New Human
Align Neutral Evil
Current Status Alive
Class Villain
Main Weapon(s) None
Ability/ies Persuasion
Vulnerable To Unknown
Height 5'10"
Parvati is a major villain in the New Fantendoverse who first appears in the eighth issue of Fantendo - Showcase. She appears as the protagonist in Parvati: Written in the Stars, a mini-series starring herself and a few other characters.

She appears as the main villain in the Pure Fantendoverse timeline, starting with Shangri-La. She is the commander of the Dark Faction, wanting to take over Shangri-La in order to become the sole dictator of the planet and its people.


On a fateful night, the unthinkable happened on a very special new year. A very specific and special pattern was aligned between the stars, which ultimately created a beam of light, creating a very talented girl, who would change the world itself, Parvati was born.

She was born onto Earth looking like an adult, however she does not know her definitive age. A group of Deities decided to observe this girl, and put the New Human race to the test. 


Parvati has a very deceptive personality. Around new people or people who she knows are smart, she acts innocent and often tries to befriend people by doing things for them or just being there at the right place and the right time. However, she also has a more evil personality which is the true form of her, this personality is devilish, and wants to take over any and all living organisms in existence. 


Parvati has great social skills, and is easily able to manipulate the actions of others just by the way she speaks. However, her effect on people varies, depending on the willpower of others and their social standing. She is trying to hone her powers to be able to one day control powerful figures in the world, but has yet to perfect it.

She isn't very skilled with weapons, but she can use a standard gun. 


Fantendo - Showcase

Parvati appears in the first volume of Fantendo - Showcase comics, making her debut in issue 08. She is described as causing devastation, as her powers of persuasion are elaborated on.

Parvati: Written in the Stars

Parvati: Written in the Stars is a light novel staring Parvati focusing on the events prior to Shangri-La.


Parvati is the leader of the Dark Faction, and the main villain of the game.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory




Parvati and One are pretty good friends, and they supposedly share a lot of the same ideals.


Parvati and Hexa are decent friends, however Parvati mainly uses her for her magical abilities.


To be added.



  • Parvati was drawn by Exotoro (tbc).
  • Parvati's powers are unknowingly similar to those of Purple Man, from the Marvel universe.

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