Party Mii (Conquest)
Party Mii
The 4th Mii Fighter
Symbol SSB Find Mii Series
Universe Mii
Smash Appearances
Super Smash Bros. Conquest
Official Debut Mii Channel (2006)
Availability Default
Final Smash Apartment Block
Home Stage Living Room
Aren't disposable nappies delightful?
Mii, Tomodachi Life

Party Mii is a type of Mii Fighter in Super Smash Bros. Conquest. They attack with elements from games that Miis appeared in that do not involve sport, such as Tomodachi Life and Wii Party. Their origin, alongside all other Mii Fighters, is the Mii Channel on the Wii console, released in 2006. From there they were included in several games and newer consoles like the 3DS and Wii U. The first game that Miis were involved in that is counted as a Party Mii game was Wii Play.

Trophy Description




  • Neutral: Does two punches, then does a strong clap
  • Forward tilt: Falls into a sitting position
  • Back tilt: Drops an ice-cream cone
  • Down tilt: Kicks downwards
  • Up tilt: Pulls out an umbrella
  • Dash attack: Dons rollerskates and flails their arms about, as if losing balance

Smash Attacks

  • Side: Blows a note on a saxophone
  • Up: Waves a random item (pebble, mug, false teeth, solar panel or whoopee cushion)in the air
  • Down: Sweeps the ground, both in front and behind, with a broom


  • Neutral: Spreads arms and legs, with a happy expression
  • Forward: Delivers a punch
  • Back: Does a "butt bump"
  • Down: Kicks downwards twice
  • Up: Does a headbutt


  • Grab: Reels in a foe with a fishing rod
  • Pummel: Hits the foe with a frying pan
  • Side throw: Does a pirouette, releasing the foe halfway through
  • Up throw: Throws the foe up a small bit then attacks them with a beanie cap, which launches them upward
  • Down throw: Throws the foe on the ground and massages them, before delivering a powerful kick

Special Moves

Name Description Type
Proposition A thought bubble appears over the Mii's head. Random objects will appear in the thought bubble. If you press the button again, the Mii will shoot a burst of hearts. If you press the button while a Smash Ball is in the bubble, the attack's power, range and knockback will be doubled. (Based on the proposing minigame from Tomodachi Life) Neutral
Hot Spot Party Mii pulls out a random item from the Hot Spots in Globe Trot (a party game in Wii Party). Depending on the item, a flag will appear, damaging foes. (Based on the Globe Trot party game in Wii Party) Nuetral
Electric Guitar Party Mii plays a few notes on their electric guitar, emitting a shockwave. (Based on the electric guitar instrument in Wii Music) Neutral
Cheerleader Party Mii quickly dons a cheerleader outfit, waves their pom-poms in the air and jumps. (Based on the Cheerleader instrument in Wii Music) Side
Spooky Search Party Mii throws down a gramophone and a large ghost pops out, screaming and biting any nearby foes. (Based on the Spooky Search minigame in Wii Play: Motion) Side
Back Attack Party Mii boards a Back Attack cart and shoots a projectile. You can drive around in the cart for a short time and shoot by pressing the attack button. (Based on the Back Attack minigame in Wii Party) Side
Pointer Hand The hand pointer appears and circles around the Mii quickly, dealing damage to foes. It then grabs the user and drags them in a given direction. Up
Chicken Suit Party Mii dons the chicken suit from Bird's-Eye Bullseye and flaps their wings to gain altitude. You can press the button again to do a nosedive down to the ground. (Based on the Bird's-Eye Bullseye minigame in Wii Fit Plus Training Plus) Up
Super Mii Party Mii turns into Super Mii from Space Brawl. They fly in a given direction very quickly, dealing good damage to foes, as well as knockback. The drawback is how long it takes to execute and you are very vulnerable upon finishing. (Based on the Space Brawl minigame from Wii Party) Up
Shifty Gifts Party Mii holds a stack of boxes. They then drop them in all directions. This attack can be charged. As you charge it, the Mii will lean to one side and you will need to move the Mii in the opposite direction to stay balanced. (Based on the Shifty Gifts minigame from Wii Party) Down
Anger Party Mii is surrounded by fire temporarily, with an angry expression on their face. This attack does more damage when Party Mii has a hugh damage percentage. (Based on the extreme anger in Tomodachi Life) Down
Tanks! Party Mii places a tiny toy tank on the ground, which moves forward rather slowly, shooting straight ahead. Up to 3 can be placed at a time. (Based on the Tanks! minigame from Wii Play) Down
Apartment Block The Mii pulls out a blueprint and several Miis rapidly build the biggest apartment block from Tomodachi Life. Final Smash


  • Neutral: Rolls out a mat and goes to sleep, only to be woken suddenly
  • Side: Fails at doing a backflip
  • Down: Does the 3 poses from Pose Mii
  • Entance 1: A Wii U falls onto the stage and Party Mii hops out
  • Entrance 2: Party Mii stands in a still position while a Mii Maker changes their expressions
  • Victory fanfare: A short remix of the menu theme plays (shared with the other Mii Fighters)
  • Victory 1: Party Mii preforms a short dance with two other Miis from the concole
  • Victory 2: Party Mii plays the 3DS, then looks up and smiles
  • Victory 3: Party Mii plays with a puppy
  • Loss: Party Mii claps for the winner at a regular speed


For headgear, see here.

  • Standard outfit (same as a regular Mii, but with a waistcoat)
  • Hamster outfit
  • Cat outfit
  • Blazer
  • Pop star outfit
  • Baggy shirt
  • Cooking apron
  • Nursery uniform
  • Long coat
  • Punk outfit
  • Sailor outfit


Day Theme ~ Tomodachi Life

Official Art

Party Mii's official art depicts them with one hand on their hip and the other pointing outward.

In Trailers

Party Mii has been in no trailers thus far.

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