Parodius C: The Comedy Wars
Developer(s) Konami
Publisher(s) Konami
Platform(s) Wii U, 3DS
Release Date(s)
japan - TBA 2017

north america - TBA 2017

Europe - TBA 2017

Genre(s) platformer
Series Parodius
Predecessor Paro Wars
Parodius C: The Comedy Wars is a Parodius game for the Wii U and 3DS. It was developed and published by Konami and is the first Parodius game since Paro Wars. It also is the first Parodius game to be of the platformer genre. The title is also a reference to the tile of Contra 3: The Alien Wars.


The gameplay of Parodius C, unlike the other Parodius games, is of the platforming genre and closely follows the style of gameplay seen in the contra games with some features from the gradius games. players control a character chosen from a characters select screen, avoid enemies and enemy fire, and move from left to right. power ups are obtained by destroying capsules or enemies containing them.


Image Name Description First Appearence
Vic Viper vic viper is the only character to

appear in every parodius game.

here he is the most balanced character.

his weapons are:

normal shots, double shots, and lasers

he can also gain a sheild and up to 3 options

following him which will mimic his movement and attacks. However these options can be destroyed if enough damage is taken to each of them. Also, despite being capable of flight, he is still restricted to ground movement.

Pentarou Pentarou Plays similarly to his appearence in Yume Penguin Monogatari. in his default state. he has a melee kick attack and his second state has the projectile attack seen in Yume Penguin Monogatari. in his 3rd state he gains his gun and can aim in 4 directions he has the best health of any character in the game and a decent jump height but his speed is on the slow side. Antarctic Adventure
Twinbee Twinbee plays similarly to his appearence in Twinbee - Rainbow Bell Adventure. In his default state he has a chargeable punch attack, a hover ability, and a decent jump height. He can gain a chargeable boost attack and a projectile attack through power-ups. He is the fastest character in the game. Twinbee
Takosuke takosuke is the second slowest character in the game, however he also is one of the strongest characters in the game. in his default state he has Parodius
Upa Biomiarcle Bokkutte Upa
Bill Rizer Contra
Foxhound Metal Gear

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