Paratoad is a Toad that has green spots in his hat and wings. He lives in Toad Town in a house that floats, made out of clouds. Some of the Toads are jealous because he can fly. His favorite place to go is the Cloud Kingdom so he can have some peace and quiet. Paratoad's Yoshi likes peace and quiet as well as Paratoad and his favorite fruit is Sky Berries and Normal Berries.


Paratoad SMB3.5

Paratoad in Super Mario Bros 3.5

File:Paratoad SHMW.png
File:Paratoad PAIFL.png
Paratoad hoodem

Paratoad Hood'em version

Paratoad MK9

Paratoad in Mario Kart 9


Paratoad's sprite in Super Mario Bros 3.5


Paratoad's Picture

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