Species Origin Spiny
First Appearance Super Mario Bros.: Legend of the Sacred Stars
Related Species
Spike Top
Koopa Troop
Paraspinies (Japanese パラトゲゾー Patatogezō) are winged spinies that jump around and act as obstacles. They appear in Super Mario Bros.: Legend of the Sacred Stars. Instead of the usual red color scheme of the normal Spiny, they are yellow. They appear in only two levels, World 2-2: Spiny Central and World 2-Q: Quicksand Questing. They behave similar to Paragoomba's or Koopa Paratroopa's, however they can hurt the player if they step on their spiny shells.

There are also red Paraspinies that will fly and shoot four spikes at a time and it appears at one level in Super Mario Bros.: Legend of the Sacred Stars, World 2-2: Spiny Central. They also appear appear in Super Mario Maker and Super Mario Builder.


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