Ha! You call that a power?
Mario: Once when Mario tries to show off with a Super Mushroom

Paramario jumping
Full Name Paramario
Gender Male
Location Flower Kingdom
Main Weapon(s) Flowers
First Appearance Mario: Once

Paramario is a character from Mario: Once, and is a parallel version to Mario.


Paramario seems to be a version of Fire Mario with a winged hat.

Abilities & Power Ups

Main Article: Mario's Power-Ups

Paramario can use all of Mario's power-ups, though he could only use flowers before Mario came to the Mushroom Kingdom.

Game Appearances

Mario: Once

During the third story, it is revealed that the Flower Kingdom is where all flowers grow and the Mushroom Kingdom is where all mushrooms grow. Mario and Luigi fall into a portal which leads to the Flower Kingdom. Paramario is met here, and he is a main character in the game.


  • "Let's make like a fireball and bounce!"  - Paramario when he wants to go fast.
  • "Let's fry a clock! Time fries when you're having fun!" - Paramario when Mario says he is hungry.
  • "No, of course it's not time FLIES! You can't get much higher than this!" -Paramario "correcting" Mario.


  • Though there are Paratoads and Paramario, there is currently no known Paraluigi, Parabowser or Parapeach, along with a list of other Mario characters in the Flower Kingdom.

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