Paradox series
Logo of the series.
Developer(s) VortexIndustriesLogo
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Genre(s) Action/Shooter
First Game Star Pilot
Most Recent Game Paradox
Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo 3DS
The Paradox series is a series of games produced by Vortex Gaming Industries, the series focuses around Micheal Conrad, a soldier born in a post-apocalyptic future where the Earth was destroyed in a war with the Carmelli alien race. In a desperate attempt to save his people, Micheal travels back in time to try to prevent his world's destruction, and inadvertently ensures their destruction.


Star Pilot

As Earth falls under threat of destruction by an alien threat, Admiral Micheal Conrad orders the launching of a prototype Starfighter to defend the solar system. Will Earth be destroyed, or will the Omega-1's pilot be sucessful in defending his homeworld?


Desperate to gain freedom, a rebel group begins taking down supply convoys one-by-one, but when the Empire of the Alphas interferes, does freedom turn out to be just out of reach?

Paradox: Redemption

With the help of the captured Fleet Captain Micheal Conrad, the Rebellion begins striking down fortresses that are key for the survival of the Empire. Will Micheal be able to redeem himself in the eyes of the rebellion?

Shattered Time

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