Paradox Paradox
The evil luma
Full Name Paradox
Health 5000
Damage 300/700 (charged)
Defense 60/150 (defending)
Speed 50
Vulnerable To Rainbow Soul Beam
Main Weapon Chaos Powers
Element(s) Dark
Height 2ft / 0.6m
First Appearance Rather Random Roleplaying Game
Latest Appearance Rather Random Roleplaying Game

Paradox Paradox (often referred to as just Paradox) is an evil luma and the main antagonist of Rather Random Roleplaying Game. He was originally sealed inside the Star Shrine but was released after a storm destroyed it. He then started using his chaos powers around the world, causing them to be chaotic.

Chapter 1

In Chapter 1, Paradox starts off sealed inside the Star Shrine, but then a storm comes and destroys it, causing him to be released. He starts shooting Toads with his energy and causes crazy stuff with the climate. The player then challenges him and they battle.

Chapter 2

Before the events of Chapter 2, Paradox used his magic to transform Food Land's food into garbage. He then searches for the Soul Star and hides it in a cloud. Bloober accidentally flies into the cloud, causing the Soul Star to fall out.

Chapter 3

Paradox goes to Boo Manor to steal the Soul Star from the Boos. The star is under heavy protection though, so he comes up with a plan. His plan is to annoy the Boos and forget about guarding it. The plan is successful and he steals the Soul Star. Prince Boo gets angry and tries to take it back from him. Paradox uses his Doom Beam, the first instane of it, to stop him. Prince Boo uses his vacuum to slurp Paradox up. Paradox gets stuck inside but quickly breaks out and flies to Terrifying Tower. He hides it in Dead Bones, but then realises it would be a better idea to trick the player. He instead flies back to Toad Town and hides the Soul Star in the sewers. When Dead Bones is defeated, Pokeyking tells the player the star is back in Toad Town Sewers. Paradox knows this and panics. He then quickly teleports Dead Bones to the sewers and puts the Soul Star inside.