Developer(s) VortexIndustriesLogo
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Nintendo Wii
Release Date(s)
Christmas 2013
Campaign Mode, Deathmatch Mode
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Science Fiction, First-Person Shooter
Media Included Wii Disk
Paradox: Redemption is the sequel to Paradox being developed by Vortex Gaming Industries for the Nintendo Wii.


Shortly after the events of Paradox, Fleet Captain Micheal Conrad is in a holding cell at the rebel base. He is approached by a commander who offers him freedom in exchange for access to Star Base's computer core, an offer which Conrad agrees to. From there, Conrad is taken to a training room, and then to the Star Base. However, the Sol III sector (where the Star Base is located) is protected by a defense grid coordinated by several control stations on the edge of the Star system, so the raiding party heads to take out the grid.

Once the grid is down, the group returns to Sol III and docks with the Star Base to begin their invasion, however upon reaching the computer core the group is ambushed by the Base Commander, who utilizes the station's defense grid to kill Micheal's comrades. Micheal then engages in combat with the Base Commander, and defeats him. However, when the Computer Core datachip is removed, the Base begins self-destructing. Micheal escapes to the Hangar, where he steals a fighter and flies away from the exploding base. As he flees to the far corners of the Sol System, the rebellion celebrates the destruction of the Empire....


The gameplay of Redemption is unique to the Paradox series, being a FPS as opposed to an Arcade shooter. Redemption's gameplay is, according to Metroidfan01, based on Metroid Prime, and to an extent, Halo.


Uses Wii Remote and Nunchuk


  • A Button: Jump
  • B Button: Use weapon
  • Z Button: Pick up weapon/Board vehicle (when near vehicle)
  • C Button: Toggle sniper mode
  • Control Stick: Move Character/Aim (in Sniper Mode)
  • 1 Button: Toggle forcefield (In combat when shield power charged)/Charge shield power (outside combat)
  • 2 Button: Charge weapon power (outside combat, when using Rifles only)

Piloting Aircraft

  • A Button: Toggle Thrusters
  • B Button: Primary Weapon
  • Z Button: Disembark
  • C Button: Secondary Weapon/Towhook (Tug only)
  • Control Pad Up/Down: Change Altitude (when thrusters off)
  • Control Stick: Steer (when thrusters on)/aim Secondary Weapon (when thrusters off)/Aim Towhook (When Thrusters off on Tug)
  • 1 Button: Toggle targeted enemies (when pointing at screen)
  • 2 Button: Kamikaze (does damage to self and targeted enemies)

Driving Ground Vehicle

  • A Button: Toggle parking brake
  • B Button: Primary Weapon
  • Z Button: Disembark
  • C Button: Secondary Weapon/Winch (Jeep only)/Open personel door (APC)
  • Control Pad Up/Down: Aim Cannon (Tank Only)
  • Control Stick: Move (when parking brake off)

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