Paradox'd is a game by Bomb Productions Games. Since it is a Bomb Production, please do not edit except for spelling errors. It may be made with Game Maker.


To start the game off, you go back in time about 21-odd years. You are being born. "What's his name?" asks your dad. You are then asked to type in your name. Then, you are taken to six years later in the future. You are six years old and it is your sixth Birthday party. All of your kindergarten friends are there and so are your loving parents. You are having your party at a park, complete with a playground and everything. You stray from your friends, who are playing on a swingset, and stumble upon a balloon salesman. Funny thing is that this man doesn't look much like a balloon salesman, but more like a tired, 20 year-old man with a 5-O'-Clock shadow and ripped clothes. He glances down at you, then gives you a strange look. "Sir..." you say in your puny little voice, "May I please have a..." Suddenly, the man grabs you by the collar of your shirt and stuffs you in a large leather bag. You scream, but he stuffs a sock in your mouth and runs away with you in the sack. A few minutes later, one kid notices you're gone and says "Where'd (insert name here) go?" Then, your parents start to look for you, becoming very frantic and worried. Meanwhile, the man takes you down an alley. You're practically bawling your eyes out in the sack, but no one else can hear you. Then, the man hears you crying and reassures you that this is all a dream, but you know it can't be. The man tosses your sack in a huge recycling bin. You expect to hit the bottom or a pile of trash or something, but you don't. It just feels like your floating. You hear the man mutter something, curse, then slam the lid.

More to come...





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