Wuwei Shan

Wuwei Shan

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Wuwei Shan is a playable hero in the fighting game Paradigm. He is available as a paid character, and is the 53th character in the roster.


Wuwei Shan (Born in Hong Kong) was a scientist and one of the original discoverers of the Paradigm. The reason why he now looks like a Jiangshi is because his former colleague Yihamah shot him in the chest, then his body was dragged into the graveyard, where he is reborn into a chinese vampire. To avenge his former scientists, he entered the Paradigm to defeat Yihamah.


Wuwei Shan is a green skinny jiangshi wearing a green coat-like robe and green and purple round-top tall rimmed hat. The symbol in chest reads 黃金, in Cantonese means Gold.


Wuwei Shan is known for switching 5 different poses of Animal Stance that gave him not only different attacks, but also different Paradigm Shifts, each stance has their own stats. He starts off the match with Mantis.

Quick Attack (Mantis) Heavy Attack (Mantis)
Predator Slice Shan peforms a quick jab, then does swing slash with his left arm Under the Moon Shan peforms an uppercut-like move with his right arm.
Quick Attack (Crane) Heavy Attack (Crane)
Mach Kicks Shan peforms a series of fast kicks by tapping the Red button Bird Kick Shan peforms a stright leaping right kick while does a cry of the Crane.
Quick Attack (Monkey) Heavy Attack (Monkey)
Monkey Lift Shan spins on the ground, then peforms a reversal kick. Spinning Monkey Shan spins in a circle twice with his legs.
Quick Attack (Eagle) Heavy Attack (Eagle)
Feather Combo Shan does a handful of swings with his arms. Flying Eagle Kick Shan jumps into the air and peforms a diagonally downward kick with both feet.
Quick Attack (Dragon) Heavy Attack (Dragon)
Dragon Claw Shan does a diagonally-upward quick stab with his left arm. Draco Punch Shan charges up before delivering two fists to his enemy.
Special Ability 1 (Mantis) Special Abiity 2 (Mantis)
Prey Hook Shan first does a jab, then does 4 to 5 of them before ending with a uppercut. Dash Lift Shan dashes forward, leaving an afterimage. If anyone caught to the afterimage will be stunned for 6 seconds.
Special Ability 1 (Crane) Special Abiity 2 (Crane)
Bird Counter Shan strikes a pose and waits for someone to attack him. If he/she attacks Shan, he will counter with a jumping spin attack. Flying Jump Shan jumps so high in the air, then flaps his arms. During the flight, he can be controlled in 4 directions for 5 seconds, or cancel it with the shoulder button.
Special Ability 1 (Monkey) Special Abiity 2 (Monkey)
Playing Banana Shan throws a banana. If the opponent pick ups, the banana will explode, damaging anyone who picked up. Circus Spin Shan attempts to grab an opponent. If success, he will do 3 or 4 monkey flips, before ending with slam of his arms.
Special Ability 1 (Eagle) Special Abiity 2 (Eagle)
Feather Throw Shan throws a feather of a Phoenix, which deals fire damage to his enemy. Brave Bird Can only be peformed in mid-air. Shan began to dive down to a enemy, before crashing nto the ground, causing a large shockwave.
Special Ability 1 (Dragon) Special Abiity 2 (Dragon)
Fireball Shan spits out of a fireball from his mouth. Tapping the shoulder button will produce more of them. Flamethrower Shan breaths fire. The flamethrower can be controlled with the stick.
Special Ability 3
Stance Switch Pressing both the shoulder buttons left and right at the same time. Wuwei will change another style in a fixed order, Mantis, Crane, Monkey, Eagle, and Dragon.
Paradigm Shift (Mantis)
Mantis Slam Shan will grab his enemy with his hands. If done, he will slam 10 times before throwing upwards and ends with a force jab.
Paradigm Shift (Crane)
Crying Crane Only in the air. Shan will do a Flying Eagle Kick. If the kick connects, he rapidly launches 7 more in multiple directions, before slaming the enemy into the ground with his feet. 
Paradigm Shift (Monkey)
Raging Monkey Shan will do a 5-hit combo with arms and legs, before ending with a 10-hit Spinning Monkey while floating.
Paradigm Shift (Eagle)
Sky Attack Shan begins to power up, then he jumps and peforms a powerful Brave Bird, that leaves a giant crate for 25 seconds.
Paradigm Shift (Dragon)
Dragon's Wrath Shan peforms a straight upward kick. If done, he jumps straight into the air, and delivers a powerful dive punch in a shape of a chinese dragon's head.



Wuwei Shan Alt. 1 Wuwei Shan Alt. 2 Wuwei Shan Alt. 3 Wuwei Shan Alt. 4 Wuwei Shan Alt. 5


  • Wuwei Shan is inspired by various characters from the Hong Kong Horror Comedies, especially Sammu Hung's Encounters of the Spooky Kind..
  • His gameplay is inspired by Gen from Street Fighter, as he is known to switch between Crane and Mantis that gave him a different moveset.
  • His name in Cantonese, means Fearless Mountain.

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