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Big Trouble in Little Paradigm

Erin, Tyra, Quinn, Vivian, Katy, Gale, Cindy, Maurecia, Rebbeca, and Lulu Totem, often shorted to the Totem Decuplets, are playable heroes in Paradigm.


The Totem decuplets were the first healthy set of decuplets born into the world. The oldest is Erin, and the youngest is Lulu, even though they were all born on the same day. After some… unsavory methods were used to keep them all alive and healthy, they started acting together in every single action. Some would even call them a "hivemind." However, there's nothing that actually makes them a true hivemind… or, at least, that's what the doctors have said.

The Totem decuplets fight in the Paradigm because they collectively agreed to it… and also because they don't know how to get out.


Each of the sisters is a blonde girl with a red shirt, blue pants, and black shoes. The only difference in any of the sisters is that Erin has a bow tie, and Lulu wears glasses. They are all relatively short, but all hold their arms up to stand on each others' shoulders, the exception being Lulu, who stands at the top. When one sister is defeated, each sister grows a little redder in appearance.


The Totem decuplets play in a style somewhat similar to Ava Cthulhu; however, instead of growing stronger by killing, each sister gains higher stats when one sister is killed, and their stats are average at the beginning, excluding their health, which happens to be lower at the start. This is because each sister has one set of health each. When one health bar runs out, the sister on the bottom will be defeated, regardless of any attacks to sisters higher in the totem. If Lulu is the sister at the bottom, she has her own unique moveset as she cannot utilize her sisters.


Quick Attack Description Heavy Attack Description
Upside-Downside-Upside-Down The Totem decuplets quickly fall down in a straight line, landing on the ground. The decuplets then quickly get back up, albeit upside-down and balancing on each others' feet with Lulu and the bottom and Erin at the top. They will then fall down straight wards again to return to their usual rightside-up form. Ring Around the Rosies The Totem sisters all curl around into a circle quickly. When they are finished, they will roll into a ball and send each other spinning in several different directions except for the bottom sister. However, they take a little while to reform into their totem after performing the attack.
Special Ability 1 Description Special Ability 2 Description
A Technique Involving Badminton The sister on the bottom tosses a large badminton birdie up into the air. All of the other sisters pull out a racquet, and swing when the button is pressed again. The higher the birdie is when the sister swings, the higher the damage. This attack has a close range, but also sends a small wave around it. Wrecking Ball The sister at the bottom grabs all of the other sisters and begins to swing them around for as long as the button is held. This damages anyone in the range of the sisters that are swinging, but the damage is not very large, and they cannot move while it is used.
Lulu's Quick Attack Description Lulu's Heavy Attack Description
Lulu's Upside-Downside-Upside-Down Lulu performs a quick cartwheel onto a nearby wall, ceiling, obstacle, or other player before twirling a baton to reflect any damage. She then throws the baton, increasing in size the longer it is thrown. Lulu's Ring Around the Rosies Lulu begins some sort of demonic ritual. The attack takes nearly half a minute and requires the player to press several different buttons in a random sequence, but if performed successfully, she will be able to hover slightly above the ground and blast beams at opponents to deal heavy damage for around ten seconds.
Lulu's First Special Ability Description Lulu's Second Special Ability Description
Lulu's Technique Involving Badminton Lulu pulls out large birdies and her racquet, sending them forwards and ricocheting off walls up to three times. She will pull out three birdies in one attack, but she will need to press the button again to hit them. She will also move rapidly to the left or the right between throwing birdies. Lulu's Wrecking Ball Lulu summons a giant boulder and begins to ride on it at a fast pace for as long as the button is held. The boulder is controlled by the player and deals heavy damage when rolled into opponents, but slightly hurts Lulu when she rolls into the ground.
Paradigm Shift Description
Big Trouble in Little Paradigm Erin, Tyra, Quinn, Vivian, Katy, Gale, Cindy, Maurecia, Rebecca, and Lulu Totem's Paradigm Shift.
No matter how many Totem decuplets are left, they will form into one gigantic monstrous Totem sister, wreaking havoc everywhere and throwing punches and kicks if they wish to. This move will also heal previously defeated Totem sisters to 25% of their health, and will fully heal the sister who was formerly at the bottom while the Paradigm Shift was activated.


  • The Totem decuplets were based on both the general idea of the Nickelodeon animated television series The Loud House (which the creator doesn't actually watch) and the Totem Link formation in The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes.
  • At one point, the Totem decuplets were going to have ten different Paradigm Shifts. This was quickly scrapped, but not totally forgotten as Lulu has her own move set when she's alone.
  • If artwork of the Totem decuplets ever exists, there will be a skin of them best described as "ten kids in a trench coat."

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