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Paradigm Shift
Noxious Boost

Sylvia is a playable hero in Paradigm. She is one of the paid heroes added after launch, and the 39th added overall.








Quick Attack Heavy Attack
Vine Swipe A vine extends from Sylvia's right arm and she swings it at the opponent. Pressing V2Action Red again will have her perform a second swipe with her left arm. Thorny Growth Sylvia sticks her arms into the ground, with large thorns sticking out a distance away. If this hits the opponent, pressing V2Action Green will cause Sylvia to pop up in front of the opponent and chomp with her left arm. Pressing V2Action Red will do the same, with Sylvia's Quick Attack followup.
Special Ability 1 Special Abiity 2
Poison Blast Sylvia fires a blast of toxins from her left arm. The level of her Toxin Meter will determine the strength and range of this attack. Using this ability will fully drain her Toxin Meter, though it can be used even if there is no meter. Venus Maw Sylvia's fly-strap stretches to cover the front of her body. While Right Shoulder Button is held, the mouth will remain open, and eat most projectiles that come its way, filling the toxin meter. When the button is release, the mouth will chomp.
Paradigm Shift Passive Trait
Noxious Boost Sylvia's toxin meter rapidly fills itself. During this time, Poison Blast will become a powerful poison spray that will continue while to button is held. When the meter fills up, Sylia performs a more powerful version of her toxic burst move, at the cost of less damage. Toxic Blood Sylvia's toxin meter fills up when she both takes damage and heals.


Whenever art gets made, recolors will show up. If you guys wanna do skins for him, that's cool, too.


  • Sylvia is somewhat inspired by Noble Mandrago from Mega Man Zero 4.

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