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Styng is a playable hero in Paradigm. He is one of the 10 free heroes introduced at launch.


A anthropomorphized bee from an alternate dimension where the primary species are highly evolved bees. Styng was once a soldier, but grew tired of the horrors of war and decided to become a wanderer, squashing injustices wherever he saw them and seeking to improve his skills and his weapons, primarily his favorite gun, the Honey Gatler. He heads into the Paradigm looking to continue his journey.


Styng is a cartoonish anthropomorphized bee who is three feet tall and weighs a decent amount for his height, being a bit pudgy. His eyes are a bright gold and he usually has a goofy grin on his face.

He wears a traditional soldier's uniform as a holdover for his army days, his two antenas sticking out of a rusted tin helmet and his large stinger poking out the back of his pants. A large, brown leather belt hangs from the front of his pants, and he wears large black boots.

Styng is a noble hero who always makes an effort to help someone in need. He can get a bit too energetic and overexcited, tending to talk a lot to the point of annoyance when he gets nervous or happy, but he's always got a good heart and is a valiant person through and through.


Styng is a "glass cannon", meaning that he can deal a lot of damage, but has abysmal defenses, meaning that a good attack strategy for Styng is to get in and out as fast as possible to avoid taking too much damage. Styng is rather quick, meaning it's easy for him to flee from a fight, but he's also a bit slippery, so Styng is a good hero for careful, experienced players.


Quick Attack Heavy Attack
Honey Rapidfire

Styng fires tiny globs of honey from his Honey Gatler at high speeds. Each glob doesn't do a lot of damage, but the gun acts as an automatic weapon and is very fast. Plus, each glob of delicious honey that hits the opponent will slightly slow them down.

Stinger Slam Styng charges forward, stinger first, to ram into the opponent. It's slow and easy to dodge but does high damage and will cause opponents to take continuous damage over time.
Special Ability 1 Special Abiity 2
Honey Blast Styng blasts a giant blob of sticky, yummy, golden honey at the opponent with the Honey Gatler. This blob takes a while to shoot and does no damage upon impact, but anyone hit by it will be immobilized for a long period of time. Although the move is rather sluggish to execute, it can be used an unlimited amount of times. Sticky Bomb Styng hurls a grenade covered in honey at the opponent. The grenade is hard to land and is rather slow, but if it hits them, it'll explode after a few seconds and do massive damage to them. Styng can only throw three of these sticky grenades per match, so you'll have to use them wisely for maximum effect.
Paradigm Shift Description
Hive Mind With a loud whistle, Styng summons his old war buddies who stampede the stage, buzzing along to a catchy tune as they trample all opponents in their way to do massive damage. Although it's possible for an opponent to evade this attack, it's very hard to do so and the move's sheer power and range definitely make up for this small flaw.


  • Styng's first incarnation had the same abilities, but was a man made of bees rather than an anthropomorphized bee.

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