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Starvich is a playable hero in the fighting game Paradigm. He is available as a paid character, and is the 49th character in the roster.


Starvich is the ruler of the Molotov Empire in a distant dimension. His regal kingdom is in perpetual conflict with the more industrial Hyrise, dominated by Crescent Industries. Starvich's highest priority (aside from providing for his people, of course) is reveling in the glory of his rule and empire. But when the Paradigm opens near his borders, he sees the other heroes as potential rivals to his glorious rule. He therefore sets out to defend his people, defeat these impostors, and bring glory to his country! He may even find a way to finally overthrow Hyrise once and for all!


Starvich is an adult male standing 7'3". He has bright orange hair that's braided near the end, and tanned skin with bolt shaped markings on his cheeks. He wears a red shirt with golden accents, silver studs, and a dull green collar. His pants are also green, and he wears tall red boots over them, with silver wing-shaped knee caps.

He has a flashy, boisterous personality, and is usually very upbeat. He takes his role as leader very seriously, and is takes pride in both his country and personal ability. When he is fighting, he becomes more confident and determined the better he performs, but if he is losing, he quickly looses heart and becomes ashamed of himself.


Starvich is a momentum based character- when he is played well, he becomes even stronger over time, but becomes weaker if he is losing. His attacks are both fast and strong, and has decent defense, but his movement speed is slow. Many of his attacks are risk-based, having high rewards if he succeeds in landing them- his momentum mechanic then makes it easier to land attacks.

Quick Attack Heavy Attack
Blade Aura Starvich slashes twice with energy blades, then claps them together for a three hit combo. This move can gently move an active Double Star into a new position. Star Slap Starvich charges an energy star about his hand, pulls back, then delivers a powerful backhand. His hand deals more damage than the star. When his Royal Pride is high, the move comes out much faster, but missing causes him to lose lots oh Pride.
Special Ability 1 Special Abiity 2
Double Star Starvich throws a massive four-pointed star in front of him like a frisbee. It moves slowly away, then stops, but continues spinning in place like a top. Up to two stars can be active at once, and many of Starvich's attacks can interact with them. Royal Roll After briefly charging up energy, Starvich rolls forward, generating an energy star about him. The move can be steered, but only slightly. Colliding with another hero will deal damage to them. The only other ways to stop the move is to collide with a stage element or cancel the move, and both leave him vulnerable to attack. Deals more damage the farther it travels, and moves faster the more Pride he has.
Paradigm Shift Paradigm Shift
Tide Turner / Glory Wave Starvich creates a spinning star around him, and generates a larger blast of energy. The wave deals a single strong hit, and the star deals multiple hits in addition if he is close. Whether he uses Tide Turner or Glory Wave is determined by his Pride level. He uses Glory Wave if it is positive; he uses Tide Turner if it is negative or neutral.
  • G.W. has higher damage, but a smaller range. If he misses, his Pride resets to neutral.
  • T.T. has lower damage, but larger reach. If he lands the move, his Pride resets to neutral, but is further lowered if he misses.
Royal Pride As Starvich successfully lands attacks, his strength and speed increase. The effect is greater as he lands consecutive hits. If he scores a KO, his pride will either increases significantly or reset to neutral, if it is positive/neutral or negative, respectively. If he misses attacks or takes damage, his strength and speed will decrease. If he is KO'd, and the stage allows respawns, he will return with a slightly negative Pride level.



Starvich Starvich Alt 1 Starvich Alt 2 Starvich Alt 3 Starvich Alt 4 Starvich Alt 5 Starvich Alt 6 Starvich Alt 7


  • Starvich's design is loosely based on Ganondorf's from Twilight Princess.
  • Starvich's character draws from three different meanings of the word star- a shape (many of his attacks are thus star-shaped), a celestial body (his primary rival is Celestie, based on the moon), and a celebrity (Royal Pride is based on celebrity popularity, as well as his pompous personality)

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