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Paradigm Shift
Phantom Espionage

Sneakman is a playable hero in Paradigm. His is the 11th overall and one of the paid heroes released after launch.


Nobody knows who Sneakman really is. However, it is believed that he is a superspy responsible for leaking the discovery of the Paradigm to enemy states, as well its the less-than-favorable treatment. Regardless, this mysterious figure has arrived in the Paradigm, and is taking part in the battle, with motives unknown.


Sneakman wears a black trench-coat and hat, resembling a stereotypical criminal. His hat and cloak (which a popped collar) obscures his face, with his head being a black figure. Additionally, inside his cloak is darkness. His black coat has linear blue markings, which resemble technology and computer chips. The blue markings glow slightly. Atop his ambiguous head are round spectacles.

His hands are adorned with black fingerless gloves. As a result, some skin is shown, which is pure white; any glimpse of his arms also shows his pale skin. At the bottom of his cloak poke out black, very plain shoes. From the bottom and front fringes of his cloak, multiple knives may be seen poking out.

Sneakman's identity and personality is unknown. It is not even known if he is human. However, though he does not speak, he sometimes makes sounds that resemble a male human, though the sounds appear distorted as if they are passed through an old television are radio. When attacking, his motions seem very quick.


Sneakman is a tricky character that must rely on stealth. His mobility is average, but his damage (outside of assassinations) and defenses are poor, so he must sneak up on opponents. Additionally, his Paradigm Shift allows for hidden surveillance of the enemy team.


Quick Attack Heavy Attack
Quick Attack Sneakman swipe, throwing a horizontal spread of three knives out of his cloak. If V2Action Red is pressed again, he will follow up by shooting a semi-random spray of 4 knives from his cloak. Heavy Attack A rather simple stab with a knife. Quicker than most Heavy Attacks, but also less damaging, and has less coverage.
Special Ability 1 Special Abiity 2
Clear Cloak Sneakman becomes mostly invisible, becoming slightly detectable with movement. Has a significant cooldown. Telesneak Sneakman teleports in the direction he is facing, allowing him to reach normally inaccessible areas. Has a slight cooldown.
Paradigm Shift Passive Trait
Phantom Espionage Sneakman becomes a floating cloak that can only be seen by teammates. During this state, Sneakman can fly freely, see nearby enemies through walls, and overall spy on the opponents while being completely invincible. This can be cancelled early by pressing the button again. Assassin If Sneakman uses his Quick or Heavy Attacks when directly behind an enemy, it will change into a slice to their neck that instantly kills them.


Whenever art gets made, recolors will show up. If you guys wanna do skins for him, that's cool, too.


  • Sneakman is named after the Jet Set Radio song of the same name.

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