Shining Sword Crasher Knight
Hero Number
Paradigm Shift


Shining Sword Crasher Knight(or just SSCK for short) is a playable hero in Paradigm. He is one of the paid heroes.


A mysterious warrior who entered the Paradigm through unknown means. SSCK is easily recognized by his ridiculous armour and poses. He is known for his over-the-top theatrics and general power rangers aesthetic




SSCK uses a combination of poses and over-the-top attacks to form a flashy DPS/Tank combination style


Quick Attack Heavy Attack
High Kick Performs a high kick. Karate Chop He karate chops forward
Special Ability 1 Special Ability 2
Fighter Pose Alpha SSCK poses dramatically. Boosting his attack power temporarily Fighter Pose Sigma SSCK poses dramatically. boosting his defense temporarily
Paradigm Shift Passive Trait
Sōdokurasshushainingu SSCK poses super-dramatically. he is given an increased defense and extra health .All opponents within radius automatically lock on to him for a short period of time. Style Stacks Every time you use a pose. You gain 5x Style Stacks which lower cooldown times for every stack you get. They decay at 1 second per stack.


  • Like Aquilia. SSCK draws inspiration from DBZ but instead of Cell it is the Ginyu Force.

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