Submitting content to Paradigm has a few rules and guidelines, which will be gone over in this article. If you do not follow these guidelines, your content may be nominated for removal.

Submitting Content

When submitting content, you must not only follow the rules of the wiki, but must also follow Paradigm's specific rules:

  • Content must be original and created specifically for Paradigm. No guest content is allowed.
  • Content that is submitted must be completed withing a week of being added. If not, that is grounds for nomination. If you are having trouble with finishing on time, please contact User:Apihedron. Additionally, it is suggested that heroes be given some form of artwork as soon as possible. However, if no artwork is made, the content may stay so long as it does not break any rules.
  • Content pages must meet the standard format and general style of others. Said formatting will be decided by the very first character added by Apihedron, Lisette.
  • Content must properly fit within gameplay. While more unique Heroes are fine, everything must stay within basic rules and controls.
  • Content must be of decent and worthy quality. Poorly made content will be nominated for removal.
  • Poor joke content and/or purposely bad troll content will be nominated almost immediately. As shown by many games with large casts, it is possible to have a joke character; Dan Hibiki and Faust are prime examples. However, if a joke character is poor, they will be nominated quickly. Purposely bad content is almost guaranteed to be removed ASAP.
  • Only two Heroes and two stages can be added per user each week. Any existing content can be freely edited after the fact with no limits.

Nominating Content

Nomination for removal is being conducted in the forum. Please check there for more info.

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