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Raijinn is a playable character in Paradigm. She is a paid downloadable character and is the 57th character to be added to the game.


Raijinn is famed across her homeworld as an exotic dancer, and a beautiful one at that. Known as The Shimmering Thunder, she is known for her excessive grace and poise, her signature dancing style involving the use of swords, and her ability to charm seemingly every man (and even a few women) that crosses her path in an almost unnatural manner. While the denizens of her homeworld chalk it up to sheer beauty, it truly is unnatural.

Raijinn is actually a djinn; a female spirit of sand and lightning, capable of magically altering reality on a minor scale. She has the ability to conjure illusions, and primarily uses this ability to make herself appear extremely beautiful to all who look upon her, her appearance changing to match the desires of every onlooker. She has also been known to manipulate lightning itself, and those who anger her are oft struck by a seemingly divine bolt.

Raijinn has taken a break from her seduction act for the time being, entering the Paradigm on her own accord. The Paradigm Federation is actively pursuing her, but she seems to evade them at every turn, taking her time and acting on her own eldritch whims.