Hero Number
Paradigm Shift
Solar Bombardment

Raevos is a playable hero in Paradigm.


Raevos is one of the Entorons, a race of immortal beings that were mysteriously created by an enknown entity to keep the universe balanced by manipulating the fabric of space. Because Entorons never age and they've had millenia of nothing but boring work, Most of the Entorons have since been corrupted into destructive beasts, or killed. Raves, however, is one of the only uncorrupted Enterons, and participates in the Paradigm to alleviate boredom and stave off corruption.


Raevos' body consists of celestial bodies constantly flowing and merging with flashy and mesmerising colours, with constant flares of energy surrounding his waistline, heels, chest, and head. Entorons can appear in any shape or form, but Raevos in particular sports a human male body.

Entoron are all about order, and were made to feel as little emotion as possible as to not make any biased decision. Made to enforce and pursue balance, Raevos himself adheres to the code, always appearing indifferent or disinterested. If he is forced to choose a side, he first and foremost fights for the weaker or losing side, keeping in line with his beliefs as an Entoron.


Raevos is one of the slowest characters in the game, but makes up for it by being an absolute powerhouse. Your job is to peel the enemy away from your teammates and force them to deal with you. Because he is always levitating, he is more or less immune to ground-based abilities.


Quick Attack Heavy Attack

Asteroid Impact

Raevos cloaks himself in cosmic energy and launches himself into a direction of your choosing, damaging any enemy that comes into contact with him.

Meteor Crush Raevos pounds the ground beneath him, causing a heavy shockwave that has a short stunning effect. The closer an enemy is, the more damage they will recieve.
Special Ability 1 Special Abiity 2
Black Hole  Raevos creates a miniature black hole that drags enemies towards him, which can be extended by mashing the button. Enemy that are too close will start to receive damage. Spatial Balancing Raevos releases a small energy field around himself that eliminates any effects placed on himself, his team, or the enemy team within it.
Paradigm Shift Passive Trait

Solar Bombardment

Various parts of the entire screen will be showered by heavy waves of solar energy that will constantly damage and slow down anyone who gets caught in them.

Astral Body

When Raevos is low on health, attacks have a 30% chance to miss him.


  • Skin 1: Gamma
  • Skin 2: Barren Space
  • Skin 3: Corrupt Entoron
  • Skin 4: Sunspot
  • Skin 5: Dark Matter
  • Skin 6: White Dwarf
  • Coming Soon:
    • Skin 7: Guardian
    • Skin 8: Big Bang


Let us battle.
Upon joining a match.

This will be interesting.
Upon joining a match

No time for small talk.
Upon joining a match

Get straight to the point.
Upon joining a match

Watch out.
Upon using Asteroid Impact

Hitting an enemy with Asteroid Impact

Be devastated.
Upon using Meteor Crush

Keep up.
Upon using Meteor Crush

Can't escape.
Upon using Black Hole

Don't fight it.
Upon using Black Hole

Keep everything fair.
Upon using Spatial Balancing

Balancing the scales.
Upon using Spatial Balancing

As destructive as I will allow myself.
Upon using his Paradigm Shift

Character Specific
...I have seen weirder creatures.
Opening a match with Ignis, Ava Cthulu, Bomb With Legs, Aquilia, President Minxie, Amastuchi, Hyper Metal, Insert Insect or Honeydew

Something is not right about you.
Opening a match with Car1 or Triple-C

A fundamentally unbalanced creature.
Upon joining a match with the opposite team of Amber Velvet or Elysium

Such a troubled soul.
Upon joining a team with Jailbird

Human technology is impressive.
Upon opening a match with Amy Amastuchi, Aquilla or Clara

Genetic enhancement... what will humanity think of next?
Upon opening a match with Alister or Noise E. Boi

You tried.
Upon defeating an enemy

I'll make sure to find someone else run the company in your stead.
Upon defeating President Minxie or Maloha

Good fight.
Upon defeating an enemy

Your penance for not fighting fairly.
Upon defeating Nate

Upon defeating Amber Velvet or Elysium

Illusions don't work on me.
Upon defeating Clara

You can't hide away from your problems.
Upon defeating Sneakman.

More quotes coming soon

Skin Exclusives
Preeeepare to die, everybody!
Opening a match (Corrupt Entoron Skin)

Die, die, die, die, die!
Upon using any move (Corrupt Entoron Skin)

The Paradigm is too fun to destroy!
Random Dialogue (Corrupt Entoron Skin)

Raevos smash.
Upon using Meteor Crush (Gamma Skin)

Puny enemy.
Upon defeating an enemy (Gamma Skin)

*Astronaut Breathing Noises*
Random Dialogue (Barren Space Skin)

Look into the darkness.
Upon using any move (Dark Matter Skin)

Look into the light.
Upon using any move (White Dwarf Skin)


  • Raevos is affected by vampiric attacks or abilities that are associated with getting blood, even though he doesn't have blood, is because what is taken is instead a portion of his overall energy, since Enterons are made of pure energy.