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Ophelia is a playable character in Paradigm. She is a paid downloadable character and is the 27th character to be added to the game.


Born Princess Ophelia von Kaisenberg, Ophelia was raised in the lap of luxury, beloved by her parents and by her kingdom. She grew up without pain or strife, and believed the meaning of life was simply to help everyone she could. Then her life was turned upside down when a dark knight came, assassinating the princess before committing suicide with the same blade. The princess's body was put to rest as her family mourned her, but her soul remained alive inside the dark knight's blade: a blade now sold by her parents and traded across the world for years. Learning the ways of the world and the blade from all who wield her, she has gained enough power to at least control the dark blade she remains locked away in.

Ophelia now finds herself inside the Paradigm, desperate to gain a way to restore her old body... and escape from the blade that has taken so many lives.


Ophelia's sword form takes on the appearance of a longsword constructed out of an dark gray metal, one edge soaked in dried blood. The hilt is more ornate, taking on a spiked claw-like design constructed out of purple metal; the handle of the blade trails off the hilt, being constructed out of the same purple metal and being wrapped in cord. The hilt of the sword also has a green gem set into it, which acts as Ophelia's eye.

Ophelia's true form is only seen when using her Spectral Remnants ability. She resembles a stereotypical fairytale princess, though her face is completely blank and her entire body takes on a spectral hologram-like coloration and design. One of her arms also bears a massive spiked gauntlet, which is used to carry the sword during Spectral Remnants.

Ophelia is said to have been a very kind-hearted and innocent girl during life, but her extended years being used as a weapon appear to have corrupted her innocence somewhat. Being a blade herself, she is an expert at swordsmanship and various methods of killing. Though her exterior portrays her as a merciless living weapon, some of her child-like soul remains within the weapon's bloodied form.


Ophelia is a very fast melee character who specializes in taking down isolated targets very quickly. As a sword, she possesses a strange hitbox and can passively dodge most attacks, and also possesses a levitation ability to let her slowly hover down from ledges and also gain complete immunity to ground-based attacks. However, she isn't the strongest character ever, which can be deadly for one with a moveset almost limited entirely to melee attacks. She has no ranged attacks at all, save reflected shots from her Reflect skill.


Quick Attack Heavy Attack
Slash 1 A simple quick slash. Can be comboed up to 5 times. Slash 2 A slower, stronger slash. Acts as a finishing blow, ending any combo set up by Slash 1 with a powerful attack.
Special Ability 1 Special Ability 2
Reflect Ophelia assumes a parrying stance. Any projectiles aimed at her are reflected in the direction she's currently looking, and gain the ability to damage enemies. This stance lasts for 3 seconds. Fleur De Lis Ophelia stabs herself into the ground, generating a fleur-de-lis symbol on the ground and creating an eruption of dark energy around her that deals high damage. Has a 12-second cooldown.
Paradigm Shift Passive Trait
Spectral Remnants Ophelia summons a phantom incarnation of her body, who grabs the sword and performs a massive spin attack. The phantom retains control of the sword for 20 seconds, which acts as a passive buff to power, speed, recharge rate, and range. Levitation Ophelia floats off the ground at all times, increasing her jump length/fall length and granting immunity to ground-based attacks.


I am here. Use me as you must.
Upon joining a match




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