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Oliva Mazixen

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Paradigm Shift
The Home Run

Olivia Mazixen is a playable hero in Paradigm. She is a paid downloadable character and is the 37th character to be added to the game. She is basically the "Kirby" of the game, as every time she kills an enemy she gets an bat that is based off the opponent's skill set.


Olivia Mazixen is a normal girl who found herself in the Paradigm after a portal opened in her world while lounging around near an abandoned gas station. Olivia has a bit of a mischievous personality, as the reason she was at the gas station to begin with was to break into it. Despite this, she has a good heart and means well.


Olivia has sleek black hair and green eyes. She has white skin. She wears a grey collared sleeveless shirt with a black leather Dou wrapped around her torso. She has a bandage around her left arm and wears a black skirt with a gold grid pattern on it. She has black boots as well.


Olivia's gameplay is all about hitting with the baseball bat. Killing the opponent allows Olivia's baseball bat to "evolve" into a different baseball bat with different properties. She doesn't have a lot of attacking mechanisms for her special attacks but they exist to heal and switch up one of her attacks. Her Quick and Heavy attacks are constantly changing depending on who Olivia takes out.


Quick Attack Heavy Attack
Swing/Hitter Oliva swings her bat quickly. Holding the attack button lets her charge the attack before letting go. Having it fully charged allows her to knock opponents really far. This move changes based off which bat she has.----

During ball mode, she can swing to shoot a ball projectile. This requires timing and the timing of the bat changes the amount of damage it can do.

Slam Lifts the bat over her head and then slams it down onto her opponent. Can be charged by holding and then releasing. Does more damage the more it's charged.
Special Ability 1 Special Abiity 2
Bubblegum Chews bubblegum to restore some health. Batter Up Switches between ball and swing mode.
Paradigm Shift
The Home Run Does a powerful swing against a huge baseball that explodes on impact, doing incredible damage.

Bat Types

There is a bat for every single character in the game. This is a work in process and may never be finished.

Bat Name Info
Assassin's Bat
Lisette's bat.
The Assassin Bat allows Oliva to scope from a distance, effectively sniping with baseball swings.
Allister's bat.
The DNA Bat allows Oliva to throw DNA-altering balls that turns the opponent into a random mutant creature for a couple of seconds that renders them helpless.
Clara's bat.
The PSI Bat allows Oliva to shoot purple shards instead of striking baseballs.
Flame Bat
Ignis' bat.
The Flame Bat allows Olivia to shoot flames instead of striking baseballs.
Sticky Bat
Styng's bat.
The Sticky Bat allows Olivia to catch projectiles and then throw them back.
Bat with Nails
Oni's bat.
The Bat with Nails allows Olivia to do more damage at the cost of striking baseballs, as she she can't do that with nails sticking out of her bat.
Juicy Bat
Maloha's bat.
The Juicy Bat allows Olivia to drink from it in ball mode, preventing her from using projectiles but healing her way more than bubblegum does.
Chainshooter Bat
Mojo's bat.
The Chainshooter Bat allows Olivia to pull opponents towards her at the cost of her bubblegum super move.
Vine Bat
Car1's bat.
The Vine Bat allows Olivia to create vine tripwires instead of hitting a baseball.
Hungry Bat
Ava Cthulhu's bat.
The Hungry Bat allows Olivia to use the bat to eat weak opponents and gain energy to shoot undecipherable balls that do a ton of damage.
Liquid Gold Bat
024 (1)
The first version of Anna Spindgetti's bat.
The Liquid Gold Bat allows Olivia to strike balls of solid gold that explode into molten gold.
Red Matter Bat
024 (2)
The second version of Anna Spindgetti's bat.
The Red Matter Bat allows Olivia to strike red matter balls that explode into small black holes.
Black Matter Bat
024 (3)
The third version of Anna Spindgetti's bat.
The Black Matter Bat allows Olivia to strike black matter balls that explode into large black holes that can suck Olivia in if she's not careful.
Dark Bat
Jane Tenebris' bat.
The Dark Bat allows Olivia to shoot bullets instead of hitting a ball in ball mode.
Noise Bat
Noise E. Boi's bat.
The Noise Bat allows Olivia to shoot sound waves instead of hitting a ball in ball mode.
Sword Bat
Ophelia's bat.
The Sword Bat allows Olivia to hit opponents with a sword instead of a bat, doing multiple strikes opposed to just swinging a bat around. Any balls hit will just be cut in half, useless.
Air Bat
Amy Amastuchi's bat.
The Air Bat allows Olivia to bounce high in the air when she uses her heavy attack, rendering that attack kind of useless but still allows her to strike baseballs from high in the sky. Olivia needs to use her heavy attack again before she hits the ground or she will suffer damage.
Hyper Bat
Hyper Metal's bat.
The Hyper Bat allows Olivia to blast opponents far away with a swift but incredibly powerful swing that sends opponents flying by using her Heavy Attack.
Erratic Bat
Triple-C's bat.
The Erratic Bat only allows Olivia to swing when she mashes the buttons.
Entoron Bat
Raevos' bat.
The Entoron Bat gives Olivia slow but heavy swings with her Heavy Attack.
Rifle Bat
Pistol's bat.
The Rifle Bat allows Olivia to shoot with massive range but gives her very little ammo, requiring her to preserve her shots. She can utilize the Rifle Bat as a club but it's not as effective as some of her other heavier bats.
X Bat
X's bat.
The X Bat... we don't KNOW what this does.
Tyupan Bat
Elena's bat.
The Tyupan Bat has Elena's beloved mouse stuck to it and it heals teammates when Olivia hits them with it.
Insert Bat
Insert Insect's bat.
The Insert Bat allows Olivia to place blocks down by swinging her bat, with the more charge she gives the swing the bigger the block will be.
Chimera Bat
Chimera's bat.
The Chimera Bat allows Olivia to morph the bat into any bats she previously had.
Basic Bat
Olivia Mazixen's bat.
The Basic Bat gives Olivia her normal bat.
Darthly Bat
Darthomus' bat.
The Darthly Bat gives Olivia a bat that ignores shield and defense boosts.
Toxic Bat
Sylvia's bat.
The Toxic Bat gives Olivia a bat that poisons other players when used against them.
Bloody Bat
Bloody Hands' bat.
The Bloody Bat gives Olivia a bat that telekentically collects objects to make her hits stronger albeit slower.
Money Bat
Hisao and Kool Man's bat.
Lunar Bat
Luna's bat.
Shining Sword Crasher Bat
Shining Sword Crasher Knight's bat.
Cherry Tree Bat
Haru Kitsune's bat.
The Cherry Tree Bat allows Oliva to swing with a flaming aura and to hit a baseball that explodes into icey shards.


Oliva MazixenAlt1Oliva MazixenAlt2Oliva MazixenAlt3Oliva MazixenAlt4Oliva MazixenAlt5


  • Olivia's design was created while sketching concepts for Amy Amastuchi.
  • Olivia is meant to be the "Rachel" of Paradigm, an completely normal person in a valley of weirdos. Despite this, she has feudal Japan influences in her design and has fairly abnormal skill with a bat that evolves based off who she kills (however this seems to be a ability exclusive to the bat).
  • Olivia's gameplay was inspired by Ness and Kirby from the Super Smash Bros. Series and on a unrelated note, both characters share the same voice actress (Makiko Ohmoto) in Super Smash Bros.

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