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Paradigm Shift

Noise E. Boi is a playable hero in Paradigm, created by MeGa eXal (tbc). It is a paid downloadable character and is the 26th character to be added to the game.


Noise E. Boi was a perfectly average New Yorker. However, he was dragged into a lab and "modified" with bat genes, which gave him the ability to sense objects with sound -- at the price of his vision.

Seeking opportunity, he entered the Paradigm to face off against several oppinents and show that fighters don't need vision to win.


Noise E. Boi is an African-American teen who is usually found wearing his blue hoodie, jeans, and black tennis shoes. He has grey circles in place of eyes, and his ears are shaped more like a bat's.


He is slightly stronger than most other fighters, but he cannot stop as quickly. Most of his moves rely on his bat senses.


Quick Attack Heavy Attack
Backflip Boost Noise E. Boi does a backflip, which goes higher than a normal human's thanks to his improved senses. Rowdy Roundhouse Noise E. can spin in the air while performing several kicks.
Special Ability 1 Special Abiity 2
Teleport Noise E. suddenly appears on the opposite side of an opponent. This allows a few surprise attacks. Furious Fangs He bites the opponent, dealing damage for two seconds.
Paradigm Shift
HypoScreech Noise E. Boi lets out an extremely high-pitched shriek, which nauseates opponents for ten seconds.


  • His name is a parody of the name of the Real Steel robot, Noisy Boy.

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