Nate Paradigm

Hero Number
Paradigm Shift
Hyperspeed Lunge

Nate is one of the many playable characters in Paradigm and the 17th character to be added.


Nate is a professional boxer who holds many titles. Though boxing is his passion, he grew tired of the safe and mundane rules of traditional boxing. Thus he participated in various illegal boxing tourneys, but found no challenge in them. Nate now had a bit of a predicament. He found professional boxing boring, but illegal boxing too easy. Upon hearing of the Paradigm tournament, his problems were solved.


Nate is a man who appears to be possibly in his late 20s. He has a muscular build, which is flaunted by his clothing. Nate's blonde hair is spiked in a peculiar way, and has sideburns much akin to Wolverine. He wears a blue tank top that appears to be a bit too short for him around his midriff. Nate also wears mint green shorts with a white pattern. His runners are grey and blue, his gloves red with holes on the back of his hands.


Nate is slightly faster than your average fighter and has some serious power. He has decent defenses, thanks to his Passive Ability - Guard. However, he is extremely vulnerable from the back. Nate's attacks lack range, so he must get up close and personal with an opponent.


Quick Attack Heavy Attack
Quick Attack Nate spins around, fists outstretched. Heavy Attack Nate gives the enemy the ol' one-two. A single punch, which can be followed by more if the button is pressed correctly.
Special Ability 1 Special Abiity 2
Brass-Kicker Nate dons brass knuckles and delivers a blow with each hand that deal excellent damage. Better Places To Nap Nate delivers a low sweep with his leg. If it makes contact, the enemy will trip, allowing Nate to deliver three punches: one to the side, an uppercut, and finally a blow that sends them crashing to the ground, where they will be stunned for a very short time.
Paradigm Shift Passive Trait
Hyperspeed Lunge Nate gathers up energy in his left hand, taking the form of a white diamond around his fist. He then lunges forward a great distance at an extreme speed. Though this can simply be used for quick transportation in a crisis, if Nate makes contact with an opponent, he will deliver a powerful uppercut. This can only affect one opponent. Guard When Nate isn't attacking, he will hold his hands in front of him, halving the damage of weak attacks.


Nate Paradigm Alt 1Nate Paradigm Alt 2Nate Paradigm Alt 3Nate Paradigm Alt 4Nate Paradigm Alt 5Nate Paradigm Alt 6Nate Paradigm Alt 7


  • Nate was originally a Steven Universe fan character, but has undergone some changes to fit into Paradigm
    • The holes in Nate's glove are a throwback to his former gem location (left hand)
    • This may be the reason he has 3 costumes based on characters from Steven Universe
    • His first costume is based on his original appearance

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