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Paradigm Shift
Breath of Sunrise

Mojo is a playable hero in Paradigm. He is one of the 10 free heroes introduced at launch.


Since time immemorial, Mojo's family has been tasked with saving the world from demons. However, one demon - a powerful vampire known as Elysium - has cheated death time and time again. But with the newfound knowledge that Elysium survived these encounters by escaping into the Paradigm, Mojo is determined to end his family's nemesis once and for all.


Mojo is a large and well-built man with long dark hair, olive skin, and dark eyes. He is never seen without his epic trenchcoat, under which he wears a black sleeveless wifebeater and a pair of slightly torn jeans. He sometimes also wears sunglasses. His chain-like whip can generally be seen hanging from his belt.

Mojo is flamboyant and self-certain, and has an unhealthy habit of taunting his foes when he thinks victory is certain. But though he's a jerk, he isn't evil by most definitions of the word. Like his ancestors, he is convinced that his efforts to slay demons are making the world a better place, which is the main reason he pursues that line of work.


Mojo is a powerhouse who combines vitality and durability with powerful attacking options, making him an ideal tank character. However, his slow movement speed makes him a notoriously easy target.


Quick Attack Heavy Attack
Falling Star Fist Mojo releases a swift flurry of jabs that chip away at enemies' health. Lasts so long as the player can keep mashing V2Action Red. Metal Silver Slash Mojo quickly draws a katana from his back and slashes downwards. It doesn't take much time to perform the attack itself, but Mojo has to sheath the katana before he can attack again.
Special Ability 1 Special Ability 2
Sunrise Shield Mojo erects a wall of shimmering golden light in front of him. This shield will absorb damage inflicted on Mojo's front, but the shield will automatically lower upon taking too much damage, and Mojo will have to wait for it to fully regenerate before he can use it again. Grapple Chain Mojo grapples onto an enemy using a long chain and pulls them into melee range, leaving them vulnerable to a Light or Heavy attack. Enemies can break the chain with attacks to prematurely cancel the grab.
Paradigm Shift
Breath of Sunrise Mojo gathers his energies and releases them all at once in the form of a blast of pure energy that pierces walls and defenses and deals heat-based damage to anyone caught in the way.


The hunt begins.
Upon joining a match

It seems you'll need my pluck in this battle!
Upon joining a match

Upon using a Light Attack

Behind me!
Upon using Sunrise Shield

Power pours through my veins!
Upon using Breath of Sunrise

Upon using Breath of Sunrise

This co-operation changes nothing between us, vampire.
Upon joining a match on the same team as Amber Velvet or Elysium

The blood of Marko and the steel of Ophelia, co-operating once again!
Upon joining a match on the same team as Ophelia

I sense a vampire.
Upon joining a match on the opposite team as Amber Velvet or Elysium

... Elysium is close.
Upon joining a match on the opposite team as Elysium

This world has enough monsters already, doctor.
Upon killing Alister

Regardless of how you use it, witchcraft is still witchcraft.
Upon killing Clara

This is what happens when you fly too close to the sun.
Upon killing Ignis

No demon is unbeatable!
Upon killing Oni

The lord of all monsters has fallen at last!
Upon killing Ava Cthulhu

My quarrel is with Elysium, not you.
Upon killing Amber Velvet

At last, my ancestors' mission is completed...
Upon killing Elysium

First, you rejected your humanity; and now, I reject your existence!
Upon killing Amber Velvet or Elysium

It seems fitting that you die after seeing the light one last time, vampire.
Upon killing Amber Velvet or Elysium with a Paradigm Shift


  • Mojo inspired by multiple characters associated with fighting vampires, including the Joestar family from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, the Belmont family from Castlevania, and Blade from Blade. Additionally, aspects of his moveset are heavily inspired by Reinhardt and Roadhog from Overwatch.

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