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Misery (real name Melanie Douglass, often called Missy by people) is a playable hero in Paradigm. She is one of the paid heroes.


Ever since her birth Misery never was lucky and always was accompanied with a rainy cloud above her. Her parents quickly gave her up for adoption. When her parents left, after leaving her at an orphanage, they were hit by a car resulting in their death. The others feared that Misery did it to them to punish her parents.

She never managed to make any friends in the orphanage, especially since the only kid who reached out to her got in a terrible accident in which she fell into a coma. During her time at the orphanage she tried to control the little cloud above her which eventually turned into Moody. They bonded and she discovered that Moody was tied to her emotions. Luckily for Misery she could manipulate her emotions.

When Misery reached the age of 18 she was immediately thrown out of the orphanage and had to survive on the streets by herself. Two other outcasts took her in to live with her in a studio apartment. These two were Despair and Agony who also gave her the nickname Misery.


Misery is a short girl with a pale expression. She has plum colored hair and violet eyes. She usually tends to wear dark clothing, most often in a purple shade. She wears high white socks and black shoes. She wears a white bow in her hair and an hourglass necklace. Moody on the other hand is just a flying cloud who does change it's shade depending on the emotion Misery is feeling.

Misery herself doesn't display many of her emotions and usually displays herself as a indifferent person in all situations. All of her emotions, at least the more negative ones, are stored inside of Moody. She might react in certain situations through Moody in certain cases. Her more positive emotions are still inside of herself although they don't often hit the surface. She is known to smile, although it is rare. She seems to enjoy sweets like cupcakes and other pastries and has a bit of a masochist. However this is never on sexual area as she is asexual, or at least doesn't feel the need for sexual pleasure or even love itself for that matter.


Misery is a light and fast character who depends on her cloud Moody to fight. Although Moody has to stay in a certain radius around her she fights from a certain distance. Moody can't get hurt while Misery can. She has rather low health but is a very fast character, as she is also guided by the wind that Moody provides.


Quick Attack Heavy Attack
Timid Fog Misery activates her shyness which turns Moody into a fog cloud. It makes it rather invisible but is used to quickly transport Misery forwards while invinsible. If Misery goes through an opponent when using this attack they will inflict some minor damage as well. Loathing Rain Misery activates her boredome which causes Moody to turn into a rain cloud. A large body of water is produced that lets Misery rise up high before slamming down in the ground, going a few meters forwards. When the button is pressed again this can be followed up with a mini whirlpool which damages and pushes opponents in the radius of the attack backwards.
Special Ability 1 Special Abiity 2
Sad Blizzard Misery activates her sadness which turns Moody into an blizzard cloud. She continues to send a wave of blizzard around her which freezes the opponents in said radius in place. The blizzard waves will stay around Misery for a short period of time. Angered Storms Misery activates her madness which causes Moody to turn into a black cloud which begins to have static sparks around it. When the button is pressed again she can charge up a lightning bolt which when released is fired into the wished direction.
Paradigm Shift
Heat of Love Misery's eyes will go wide open and she feels the emotion called love. Moody turns pink and radiates a warm glow. Fireballs then start to be fired all around her covering a good radius. She can move during this time to let the fireballs hit her opponents. Among the random fireballs there are several homing fireballs.



  • Her appearance unintentionally strikes a resemblance to a character of Ruby Gloom who coincidentally has the same name.

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