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Master Demus

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Master Demus is a playable character in Paradigm. He is a paid downloadable character and is the 46th character to be added to the game.


Jeremiah "Demus" Notowsky was once a scientist and one of the original discovers of the Paradigm, now a old and wise man. This is because he was betrayed and shot by Yihamah with his Age Blaster, turning the young and healthy scientist into a old cryptic man. Because of this, he was forced to implant two crosses and an angelic halo to keep him alive as possible and gave him god-like powers. He entered the Paradigm to defeat his former colleague and restore back to his young form.


Master Demus is a old man with white and long hair, a large beard, and wears a outfift similar to priests in church. He is attached with two christian crosses in his back and a halo in his head.


Master Demus is a magic-type character that focuses on his Teammates to heal, power up, or protect. He can also cast several spells to defeat his enemies. He uses a gauce that will change his attacks when leveled up to 3.

Quick Attack Heavy Attack
Thy Flesh Consumed/They Will Repent/Sever The Wicked Level 1: Master Demus throws magic sparkles from his left hand that deals multiple hits.
Level 2: Master Demus summons a bone and swings fowards.
Level 3: Summons 4 little angels who proceed to stab the enemy with their sword.
Book of Genesis/Exodus/Leviticus Level 1: Master Demus throws a Forbbiden Fruit that magically turns into a tree, raining down fruits that deals damage before vanishes.
Level 2: Throws a miniature Noah's Ark, then turns into the size of a boat and crash down, dealing major damage anyone who is closed enough.
Level 3: Throws a drip of blood to ground, which causes to transform into a pillar of blood that slowly damaging anyone who where caught.
Special Ability 1 Special Ability 2
Magic Heal/Shield/Power Level 1: Master Demus floats in the air and gave his teammates a halo, restoring their health at 25%.
Level 2: Master Demus summons a shield in a shape of a christian cross, increasing their defense at 25%.
Level 3: Master Demus summons a spirit from the skies and fuse with their teammates, incresing their strentgh at 25%.
Magic Shard/Tornado/Meteor Level 1: Master Demus creates a ice lance and throws, piercing into the enemy.
Level 2: Master Demus creates a tornado with his dust that sucks enemies and sends them into the sky.
Level 3: Master Demus summons a giant meteor from the sky and crashes down, creating a huge explosion that damages him and his teammates too.
Paradigm Shift Passive Trait
Power of God Level 1: Master Demus casts a ring from the sky that summons angels and archangels to attack enemies.
Level 2: Master Demus floods the entire stage with water, transforming it into a underwater stage for 10 seconds.
Level 3: Master Demus attempts to grab his enemy. If success, he will throw upwards, with the clouds opens itself and a giant golden sword (presumbly by god) comes down and stabs the enemy into the ground with a picture of a white human girl appeared for a few frames, dealing massive damage.
Last Supper When Master Demus is defeated, he will automatically revive himself with 50% of his health.



Master Demus Alt.1Master Demus Alt.2Master Demus Alt.3Master Demus Alt.4


  • Master Demus is inspired by various Bible characters such as Moses, and God himself.
  • One of his quick attack's names, Thy Flesh Consumed, They Will Repent, and Sever The Wicked where taken from the passage in the King James version of the Bible:
Thy Flesh Consumed
Proverbs 5:11 - And thou mourn at the last, when thy flesh and thy body are consumed.
E4M3: Sever The Wicked
Matthew 13:49 - So shall it be at the end of the world: the angels shall come forth, and sever the wicked from among the just.
E4M5: They Will Repent
Luke 16:30 - And he said, Nay, father Abraham: but if one went unto them from the dead, they will repent.
  • Master Demus was originally going to have a third special ability where he can summon different angels to aid his command, Level 1 is a Cupid, Level 2 is a normal angel, and Level 3 is a archangel, but had to be scrapped due to time constraints.

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