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Hawaiian Punch
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Maloha is a playable hero in Paradigm. She is one of the 10 free heroes introduced at launch.


Maloha used to be a very hard worker, who worked for a small bar-tending business on one of Hawaii's major beaches. However, she was treated awfully by the owner, which made her become very depressed and upset. Along with the other employees who were also tired of working in these conditions, Maloha staged a protest against the owner of the business, and managed to take it over completely. 

She is now the owner of the business, and vows to never allow her employees work in similar conditions to that of her previous boss's.


Maloha has a very tropical design. She wears a fruit hat on her head, which contains many different tropical fruits. She wears the stereotypical hawaiian clothing, like a grass skirt and a lei. She also wears a tropical coloured bra and has an exotic red and white flower on the left side of her hair. 


Maloha is a very mixed player in Paradigm. She uses a lot of melee attacks, but she also has recovery with the Healthy Juices ability and she is easily able to get more space with her Protest! ability. She has mixed stats too, as she isn't the most powerful hero in the game, but she also has a quite large defence stat which makes her a hard target to beat in competitive play. 


Quick Attack Heavy Attack
Coordinated Dance Maloha begins to dance to a Hawaiian melody, and attacks her opponents to the music. She uses a combination of punches and kicks to attack the opponent in this dance routine, and they all do some damage, but not a lot in comparison to her other attacks. Protest! Maloha pulls out a megaphone, and uses it to damage her opponents through loud yelling. She can also blow back enemies through doing this, giving her more space on the stage. However, she can only use this for a limited time before her throat begins to hurt.
Special Ability 1 Special Abiity 2
Tropical Takedown Maloha slams into the opponent at a high force, which causes quite a bit of damage, however, if the attacks misses the opponent then Maloha will take damage instead due to the impact she hits the ground at. Nutricious Blend Maloha creates a vitamin shake which she drinks to regain some health. However, if her opponent is close to her, she will also throw some of it in their face to try and damage them. This move has a somewhat long cool down however.
Paradigm Shift Passive Trait
Hawaiian Punch Maloha creates a variety of different drinks at a tiki bar. She proceeds to mix one in a shaker, and slams the shaker into the opponents face. She then forces them to drink her homemade Hawaiian Punch, which contains a lot of nasty ingredients such as vomit fruit and mouldy fruits. Healthy Lifestyle Maloha can slowly regenerate her health when standing still on a stage. If on a tropical stage, then she doesn't have to stand still for the health to regenerate, it does it automatically.


  • A blue alternative to her main outfit.
  • A red alternative to her main outfit.
  • A pink alternative to her main outfit.
  • A purple alternative to her main outfit.
  • An outfit resembling a spy, due to her hero number being 007.


  • Maloha was originally a planned character for another one of Solarrion's (tbc) projects, but she was later scrapped, so she was added to Paradigm instead.
  • She is inspired by many different things, most notably Hawaiian and exotic cultures.
  • She was the last of the main characters in Paradigm to have a character page.

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