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Luna is a playable characters in Paradigm. She is a paid downloadable character and they is the 41th character to be added to the game.


Luna is a simple girl of an unknown background, all is known is that she has lost her soul due to an accident and lives on as a being with little purpose but the instinct to find her soul. By herself Luna is a simple child who acts in a nontreatening, nonchalant manner, acting only on instinct.

Because she has no personality she reflects the personalities of others, for example if nearby the likes of Lisette, Luna will act stern and flashy whereas if nearby Clara she will become shy and innocent. Because of this ability Luna actually has alot of acquaintances, but beacuse she is never herself she can't be appreciated as an individual friend. After meeting so many countless souls and wandering other dimensions via crossing through mirrors, she couldn't seem to sense her own soul, until that is she walked into Paradigm...

In terms of symbolism, Luna possesses both a mirror and moon theme, this is reflected (heh getit) in the fact that her attacks heavily use mirrors and lorewise she can enter mirrors to travel between dimensions. As for the moon theme it mainly comes from the fact that the moon is a pure perfect celestial body that lacks light of it's own, and must reflect light of the sun.


Unless she's copying another character, Luna lacks any emotion and is always making a blank yet innocent face.


Luna is a character that doesn't really possess any sort of helpful qualities of her own like dealing damage, healing or applying buffs and debuffs, instead she is a counter character who uses those traits her opponents posses against them, just like a mirror.

Quick Attack Heavy Attack
Breakia Luna nonchalantly attacks with a magical glass blade, while weak this has good knockback and acts as a simple way to get opponents off of her. Mirra Luna will take a defensive position for as long as the input is held, once released Luna will attack by projecting a great barrier that deals ok damage. However the real seller is the fact that any damage taken while charging the move will be added to this attack multiplied by two.
Special Ability 1 Special Abiity 2
Reflecta For as long as the input is held, Luna projects a massive mirror barrier that reflects any projectile that contacts it with double the power and speed. It is completely decimated however by non-projectile attacks if hit by one, should it come to that the barrier will shatter as Luna herself will be stunned from the recoil. Tabula Luna assumes a calm but slightly stiff stance with her eyes closed, if anything hits her in that very instant timeframe she will take the hit and unleash a huge off-wave that deals double the damage to possibly many opponents. This time frame is extremely short and difficult to land, should Luna fail she will become very left open.
Paradigm Shift
Luna Could be considerd a much more glorified Tabula with an even shorter timeframe, Luna will glow as a barrier resembling the moon formes around her. Like Tabula if attacked she will retaliate but this time with an even larger off wave consisting of glass of the broken barrier, any opponent when it hits them.



Luna doesn't have any quotes herself, instead she uses random quotes said by other player characters in her nonchalant voice.


  • The special attack; Tabula, comes from a term called "Tubula Rasa" which translates to "Blank Slate". This refers to Luna's state as a literal blank slate of a young child.

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