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Paradigm takes place in the near future, in an alternate timeline where Russia is still the Soviet Union, and a major rival to the United States.

The Paradigm Federation, a coalition between USA and its allies, was formed to study a newly discovered realm, which was named the Paradigm.

The Paradigm itself is a cluster of small dimensions in one concentrated area.


The Paradigm Federation



Corrona Family

A clan of demon hunters currently consisting solely of Mojo Corrona. They have been locked in a struggle with vampires and monsters of that nature since time immemorial.

The Ward of Psychokinesis

Usually referred to as the Psychokin or The Ward. A group of engineers who have adapted their very life force into their technology, generally considered modern-day witches. They typically augment themselves with cybernetic limbs or organs in an attempt to "achieve the closest possible thing to perfection" they can; the leading members of the group are near fully robotic in nature as a result of their augmenting. As much as they desire to advertise their lifestyle, they are, in essence, martial pacifists seeking harmony with technology.

The Ward typically uses the Paradigm as a sacred training ground where they usually are not disturbed; recently, however, it has been much more chaotic due to all the different parties coming and going within it. Female Psychokin are known as Psiwitches (like Clara), and male Psychokin are known as Psilocks.



Marko Corrona

The man responsible for discovering the true identity of the vampire Elysium, as well as humanity's first demon hunter and a distant ancestor of Mojo Corrona.



The Crypt

A research facility displaced in space and time due to a rudimentary version of Paradigm travel technology. The Paradigm Federation found Subject 050 here, but all the data on the station's travel capabilities was corrupted beyond repair, and the Crypt was subsequently covered up and kept highly classified and closely watched.

Sonar Labs

a lab hidden under Benten City. This is supposedly the place where Aquilia was created.