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Paradigm Shift
Bullet Frenzy

Lisette is a playable hero in Paradigm. She is one of the 10 free heroes introduced at launch.


Lisette is a lone bounty hunter for hire. She delves into the Paradigm after catching wind that some of her targets have entered as well.


Lisette is a female of average height, and slightly thin-yet-curvaceous build. She has light strawberry blonde hair, which is slightly rough and short. Her eyes are gray, and her skin is slightly tanned.

Lisette wears a black flowing jacket, with a red stylized skull on the back. Around her neck is a red, flowing scarf. She also wears dark gray shorts with light gray trim that flare out at the bottoms, and dark boots with low heels. Lisette holds two futuristic handguns, colored red.

Lisette's demeanor may seem stern at first, but it can be somewhat brash and flashy. However, she is driven no mater what.


Lisette is a standard assault hero. With average health, decent damage and good speed, Lisette can run in and tackle many situations. However, offense is her only main strength. A lack of support or defensive abilities leave her reliant on mobility and her (albeit limited) crowd control to prevent death.


Quick Attack Heavy Attack
Gunner Blitz Lisette jabs her handgun forward, firing a small blue blast. If V2Action Red is pressed again, she can follow up buy swinging up her other handgun, while blasting, dealing three hits. Finally, a third attack can be added, which has Lisette roundhouse kicking, then blasting once more for two final hits. Her blue blasts function as melee hits, not projectiles. Force Bullet Lisette fires a larger orange shot from her handgun. This functions like a limited range projectile. By pressing V2Action Red again, she can follow up by lunging forward, propelled by her handguns. She will then land with a flip kick.
Special Ability 1 Special Abiity 2
Rapid Magnum Lisette fires long range blue-green shots from her handguns rapidly. During this, she can freely move and/or strafe. While this allows for quick damage from a distance, it will not flinch the opponent. This ability draws from its own ammunition meter, so it must be reloaded from time to time. Guts Dash Lisette automatically runs quickly. Limited turning/strafing can be performed during the dash, and Lisette can even jump out of it for aerial momentum. If it goes to long, the ability will end with a quick skid to a halt. If Lisette hits and opponent, she will slam then with her elbow and can then cancel into her Quick or Heavy attacks. This ability can be ended early by pressing Left Shoulder Button again. With the exception of a brief cooldown, this ability has unlimited use.
Paradigm Shift
Bullet Frenzy Lisette will start by firing a dual Heavy Attack. She then spins around while firing a blend of Rapid Magnum shots and unlimited range Heavy Attack shots, before jumping into the air and gyrating while continuing to fire. Upon landing, a small shockwave is released. This attack covers a good area of effect, and can easily clear out a confined space.


  • Inspirations for Lisette's overall design include Bullet and Noel from Blazblue, as well as Tracer and Reaper from Overwatch.

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