Kuleana Laki

Kuleana Laki

Hero Number
Paradigm Shift
Facing Future

Kuleana Laki is a playable hero in the fighting game Paradigm. He is available as a paid character, and is the 51th character in the roster.


Kuleana Laki was born in Maui, Hawaii who suffers of morbidly obese, and became the fattiest Hawaiian man in the world. His ultimate wish before his death is to become a famous musician, in which he did 2 years later. When he heard about the Paradigm in the news, he is very excited and wants to visit in hope to find a cure. During the intermission, he met Misery, who dosen't have emotions, decided to sing a song with his Ukulele to make her happy, which she did. He needs to survive in this condition before death strikes him.


Kuleana Laki weights 780 Pounds, standing 5-foot-2 inch tall. He has long black hair, dark skin, and wears a Tiki mask sometimes. He uses his Ukulele as a weapon.


Kuleana Laki's gameplay is based on music, which makes these in time to a stage song. He is known for the largest stamina and defense, but due to his weight, he can't jump higher and runs very slow.

Quick Attack Heavy Attack
Rainbow Island Kuleana Laki swings his Ukulele in a circle three times. Wind of Love Kuleana Laki peforms a body slam attack, crushing his enemy.
Special Ability 1 Special Abiity 2
Hawaii Tune Kuleana Laki takes off his Ukulele and starts playing. When playing, various tune notes comes out and start appear in random directions that homes on their enemy. Fat Roll Kuleana Laki curls into a ball and starts running forward. Holding down the button will cause him to jump. If peformed in mid-air, he will bounce down, causing a large shockwave.
Paradigm Shift
Facing Future Kuleana Laki take off his Ukelele and starting playing, making the enemies dancing for 15 seconds, which leaves them invulnerable of being attacked.



Kuleana Laki Alt. 1 Kuleana Laki Alt. 2 Kuleana Laki Alt. 3 Kuleana Laki Alt. 4 Kuleana Laki Alt. 5


  • Kuleana Laki and his backstory and based off and inspired by a famous Hawaiian musician, the late Israel "Iz" Kaʻanoʻi Kamakawiwoʻole.
  • The name of his Paradigm Shift is taken from Israel's album of the same name, which contains his famous song Somewhere over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World.
  • Kuleana Laki in Hawaiian language means Responsibility and Lucky, which fits his personality.
  • He was originally going to be even more fatter, but it was changed as its sounds depressing.

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