Jerry Di Ibuki

Jerry Di Ibuki

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Paradigm Shift
Haoh Gamehameha

Jerry is a playable character in Paradigm. He is a paid downloadable character and is the 39th character to be added to the game.


Jerry Di Ibuki is a weak version of John Di Micco, and also his idol. He's a fighter who was born in Norway. His fighting style is Panic Fighting. At the age of 13, he wants to be the strongest warrior ever, but 12 years later (At the age of 25), he aways failed to win the championship of karate, so he decided to train harder, but still fails at the time when John Di Micco was more stronger then him. One day later, he met Mr. Satan (Hercule) to train and learn new techinques. After 2 months of training, he encounters Dan Hibiki to learn some abilites also. After 4 days of training, he accidently learn a new move to shoot a beam from both of his hands. Now he's ready to win, this time in the Paradigm.


Jerry looks similar to John, except his hair and beard color are dark red, wears a red headband, a pink parody of the Turtle School uniform with some kanji text, and orange gloves.


Jerry is the joke character of this game. He does nothing but charging his very slow attacks, he has weak strength, and because he can't jump higher (like normal humans do in real life), he uses his Jetpack as his jump. He also got the highest speed in the game, outpassing Shock'Ed.

Quick Attack Heavy Attack
Tenchi GameKen Jerry does a parody of Tenchi Haoh Ken in a gay motion. After hitting the enemy, he goes in pain before smiling, leaving him being attacked. Failed Bruce Lee Kick Jerry does a failed imitation of Bruce Lee's Flying Kick.
Special Ability 1 Special Ability 2
Gamehameha Jerry charge up a Kamehameha-like attack, the beam itself only moving forwards a little before fizzling out. When you charge too long, the beam explodes, it hurt not only any enemies, also Jerry himself. Hold the right Shoulder button to charge. Gayioken Charge Hold the left Shoulder button to charge up Jerry's power. After charging a while, he lets loose a huge fart. The fart does tons of damage and Jerry's strength will increased at 25% after the move.
Paradigm Shift Passive Trait
Haoh Gamehameha Jerry charges up a full-powered version of his original Gamehameha and tries to blast it at his enemy; after performing the attack, Jerry is shown knocking out by his own move while using his beam accidentally blasting by himself, insinuating that the force of the attack itself was too much for him to handle. Power of Gaytsuken When Jerry gets in trouble, he will taunt his enemy, which gains the access to taunt in different ways, which makes him invicible.



Jerry Di Ibuki Alt. 1Jerry Di Ibuki Alt. 2Jerry Di Ibuki Alt. 3Jerry Di Ibuki Alt. 4 Jerry Di Ibuki Alt. 5Jerry Di Ibuki Alt. 6Jerry Di Ibuki Alt. 7


Allright, i can do this!
Upon joining a match

I'm gonna kick your butt!
Upon joining a match

Upon using Gamehameha

Gayioken, up to TEN TIMES!!!
Upon using Gayioken Charge

Upon using Haoh Gamehameha


  • Jerry is obiously a parody of Street Fighter's Dan Hibiki and Dragon Ball's Goku.
  • The quote after charging the Gayioken Charge is a reference to the infamous Speedy Dub of Dragon Ball Z: The Three of Might (called The Quest for Earth) when Goku goes Kaioken.
  • The creator did not actually create this character. The original design was created by The Masked Pope, and later refined by the creator.