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Paradigm Shift
Absolute Riot

Jailbird is a playable hero in Paradigm. She is the 23rd overall and one of the paid heroes released after launch.


Amanda Avarelli was a regular woman, getting by day-to-day in her apartment, until the murder of a nearby rich mogul was blamed on her. Sentenced to a high-security prison equiped with the latest in prisoner detection technology, she staged an escape, taking tech with her and becoming a crimefighter under the name Jailbird, all while on the run from the law she was trying to uphold. Her strong sense of justice led her to the Paradigm, in hopes of making it a safe home for herself and others.


Jailbird is a tall woman with her brown hair done up in a messy ponytail. A white beaked mask covers the top half of her face, with black lenses over her eyes. She wears a white tanktop and a prison jumpsuit with the top half torn up to look like a coat of feathers around her waist. She also wears some military boots, with two fake talons poking out around the toes. Also worth noticing is that a large metal brace is clamped onto her left wrist, with a lit-up symbol resembling a bird on it.

Jailbird has a strong sense of justice, putting herself in danger to help those in need. She seems cynical and has a dry sense of humor, but ultimately tries to see the good in others. She doesn't tend to talk a lot unless she's helping teammates.


Jailbird has average health and mobility, but her weaponry has short range and doesn't deal a ton of damage. She's tricky to get the hang of, and is meant to be played as a highly aggresive support character. Her main ability, the Jailbird Unit, allows her to get enemy attention off teammates and onto her, and her other tools support it well.


Quick Attack Heavy Attack
Bayonet Jailbird uses the bayonet on her Lawmaker pistol to jab in the direction she's facing quickly. Lawmaker Jailbird fires off her heavy-hitting pistol. The bullet doesn't have much range, but deals good damage. Holding down V2Action Green lets you keep firing, but there's a pause between each shot, and after 4 shots you'll have to reload.
Special Ability 1 Special Abiity 2
Jailbird Unit Jailbird taps the metal brace on her wrist and the bird symbol goes red. For 10 seconds, Jailbird has increased damage output, but can be seen as an outline through walls by enemies and takes more damage too. Has a cooldown of 12 seconds. Flash Shot Jailbird switches her Lawmaker to stun mode and fires in front of her. If an enemy is hit, they're momentarily stuck and have blurred vision until they can move again. After using this, Jailbird must wait until she reloads to fire another Flash Shot.
Paradigm Shift Passive Trait
Absolute Riot Jailbird overloads her metal brace, gaining a red aura. For about 15 seconds, enemy attacks will be drawn to her instead of nearby allies, she takes reduced damage, and she can fire the Lawmaker faster. Get out there and take the heat off your allies! Bird of Prey Jailbird can double jump by hitting V2Action Blue twice. If you land on top of an enemy, it deals slight damage.


They'll exist one day!


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