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Insert Insect is a playable hero in Paradigm. It is a paid downloadable character and is the 35th character to be added to the game.


Insert Insect is not actually one character, but a whole species of creatures that originally lived in the Paradigm. They have the power of Insertion, allowing them to insert various types of cubes with different protective effect, allowing them to defend themselves and survive. They are unable to speak besides making cricket sounds, unfortunately.

They are fairly docile and were found to be easy to tame. Some people noticed potential in this and made one of them fight in the Paradigm, explaining why it's here in the first place.


Insert Insect's general design is similar to a cyan grasshopper with shorter and rounder proportions. It has no visible mouth and instead of having large grasshopper eyes, it has two oval black eyes. There are two cubes at the tip of it's antennae. It has two rectangles for wings, but it cannot fly with them. It is one of the smaller characters, it's height beign the one of a young kid's knee, and it isn't that long either.


Insert Insect is able to fight, but it is not particularily strong. Instead, it supports the team with the various cubes it can use. It is fast, but also pretty frail. He does not have a physical attack, but his Heavy Attack has a very low range.

Insert Insect is generally considered a terrible pick in maps like Dark Matter Generator and maps focused on eliminating members of the other team. However, he is an excellent pick in maps like Island With Legs where he can use his first Special Ability to block access to the control points, and can use his second special to break into them in more open maps.

Insert Insect isn't completely unviable in elimination maps, even if he is certainly not the best choice. His Paradigm Shift can greatly assist his team. He can also be a nuisance with his Quick Attack, and can potentially save teamates with his special abilities.


Quick Attack Heavy Attack
Fling Block Insert Insect flings a small cube with paper-like properties. It does not deal much damage but has an 1/5 chance of making the enemy trip. Metal Block Insert Insect inserts a large metal cube in front of itself. It does average damage. The Cube lays there after the attack, and if timed correctly can be used as a shield.
Special Ability 1 Special Ability 2
Forcefield Cube Insert Insect creates a cube which promptly creates a cubic Forcefield. It can be used to block passages and protect allies from damage. Aero Cube Insert Insect creates a cube with a propeller on it. It can be used on it or another ally to make them fly temporarily. It can help them out of dangerous situations.
Paradigm Shift
Cell Cubes Insert Insect creates transparent cubes which proceed to trap all foes of the opposing them in a rather large radius around itself. The enemies are not vulnerable to attacks during this time, but they are unable to attack themselves.


  • Insert Insect was made when it's creator noticed both words of it's name started in the same 4 letters.
  • Insert Insect's general design was inspired the the Bug types of the Pokémon series.

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