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Ignis is a playable hero in Paradigm.


Ignis is a dragonoid inventor from one of the Paradigm's cluster dimensions. A struggling scientist, Ignis never had reason to showcase his technology, as his realm was already thriving. However, when Earth invaded and converted the Paradigm to a tourist trap- a hotbed for many unsightly individuals- Ignis saw it was time. Not only could he protect his home, but he could show his newest invention: the Wing Pack.


Ignis is a purple, reptilian creature on two legs. His body has somewhat angular scale markings here and there. His snout is elongated, and while no teeth are visible, the mouth itself is jagged. At the end are flared nostrils, and back at his head are a pair of read eyes and pointed "ears". From the top of his head and down part of his back, a line of rough, lavender hair can be seen. Around his neck is also a scruffy lavender plumage, with some red, fiery streaks. Ignis' hands and feet are adorned with dark claws, and the end of his talk has a spike ball of the same coloring.

Ignis' Wing Pack is a cybernetic chest plate that wraps around his front and back, almost acting like a robotic torso. The front has a red, round jewel in the front, and around the edges there is white trim. Extending off the shoulders are also white pads. The wings themselves are white, skeletal constructs. When activated, long hardlight "feathers" appear, bringing the wings to life.

Due to his lack of success and the takeover of his home, Ignis' personality, while intelligent, can seem abrasive, especially in combat. Overall, though, he means well.


Ignis is a crowd-control focused character, and his strong tools reflect this. Flame Carpet, his most prominent ability, can not only block certain doorways or passages, but it can also simply cause a group of enemies to scatter. Ignis' Heavy attack can further catch grouped enemies, as it hits around him self and can even be directed.

Flight mode further extends his playstyle, in that he can hassle the enemy team from the air, further allowing him to control crowds, while also making up for his poor ground mobility and lackluster defenses. However, it has its limits. While airborne, Flame Carpet becomes a ranged fireball, which itself can leave smaller flames haphazardly. Finally, his powerful Paradigm Shift not only covers a large area, but can leaven flames just like his fireball.

Overall, his flames can feasibly blanket an area, forcing opponents to tread slowly and carefully or stay still. If the dare venture into the fire, high overall team damage awaits them.


Quick Attack Heavy Attack
Drago Combo Ignis swipes with his claws. If V2Action Red is pressed again, Ignis can follow up with a second swipe with his opposite arm, and then into a chomp. Tail Cycle Ignis sweeps in a circle with his tail. Holding a direction will allow him to spin forward.
Special Ability 1a Special Abiity 2
Flame Carpet Ignis breathes toward the ground, leaving a patch of flame on the ground for a moment. The flame will damage enemies while they stand in it, and the initial flame breath will even flinch. Only one Flame Carpet can be present at once; another cannot be placed for a few seconds, and if one is, the original will disappear. Flight Ignis' activates his cybernetic wings. This allows him to freely fly around the stage, and will alter some of his abilities. During Flight, Ignis' flight meter will drain, and when it is empty, he will fall.
Special Ability 1b Paradigm Shift
Fireball During Flight, Ignis' first Special Ability changes.
Ignis fires a ball of flame from his mouth, which can be aimed with the camera. Upon hitting something, it will explode, leaving some straggling fire. Only one fireball can be shot at once, but otherwise there is no limit.
Cinder Stream Ignis breathes a massive stream of fire. The stream leaves small fires behind on the surfaces it touches, and deals strong damage to enemies. It can be aimed around slowly.
If used during Flight, it will keep Ignis afloat and be directed at the ground, but it will cost the entire flight meter.


Whenever art gets made, recolors will show up. If you guys wanna do skins for him, that's cool, too.


  • Ignis, while being generally an original idea from his creator's head, has some inspiration in the design department, namely Ridley from Metroid, Yveltal from Pokemon, and Mercy from Overwatch. Furthermore, Ignis' Flame Carpet is directly inspired by and named after Riptor's from Killer Instinct.

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