Hyper Metal


Hero Number
Paradigm Shift
Vermilion Hyperdrive

Hyper Metal (also referred to as Metal) is a playable hero in Paradigm. It is one of the paid heroes.


Hyper Metal was an experiment created by a bunch of human-monkey hybrid overlords, its purpose being to be the most effective weapon for battle. Having been programmed with a free will by one of the scientists in secret, it refused to obey its masters on start-up and obliterated all of them, going out to seek out ideal uses for itself.

On its way to seek uses, it was attacked by a bunch of monkeys, who tore at its body and made it look tattered and torn.  While it managed to kill these extra monkeys off, the robot was severely injured, and fell onto the ground, having been weakened severely.  It laid there for a few days, but was discovered by another scientist, this one being just human.

After several touches in the human's lab, Hyper Metal wasn't quite fully repaired, but it tried to escape upon starting up again.  Having been stopped via the call of its name, the scientist explained that if it wanted to do something, it should enter the Paradigm to prove its strength -- or something like that.  Although rather reluctant at first, it decided to dive straight into the action.


Hyper Metal is a lanky, grey monkey-like robot with several red patches and tears in its body.  Its eyes are black with green pupils, and has protective, black-and-red armor around the arms and backside.  Its arms and legs are as long as its main body, but can extend and retract if necessary.  Attached to its feet are rocket propellers, which allow it to levitate in the air.


Hyper Metal is a light. glass cannon type character.  It has average health, high damage, and high speed, but has a very weak defense that allows it to get pummeled in no time.  As such, players must play carefully and try to avoid getting hit, and also pay attention to Hyper Metal's attacks, as their end lag can be quite punishable.


Quick Attack Heavy Attack
Hyper Claw Hyper Metal immediately takes a step forward and claws in front of itself. This is the only attack to not have much end lag, and it doesn't deal too much damage. Due to its quickness, Metal can rack up damage easily, but if its uses it more than four times in a row, its arm falls off. A new arm will regenerate within six seconds. Hyper Shot Hyper Metal immediately forms its hand into a fist and fires it forward and off its arm. If V2Action Red is pressed while the fist is off the body, the fist will dissolve into five missiles (one missile per finger) and head straight forward. If the melee fist attack is used, the fist will come back to the body within a second, but if the missile projectile attack is used, the player must wait for their hand to regenerate (five seconds).
Special Ability 1 Special Ability 2
Hyper Slam Hyper Metal charges up its body and propels straight forward, head outstretched as it rotates quickly in the air. If it hits, the opponent will take high damage as well as Metal itself. Shall the button be pressed again while he is advancing forward, he will stop its attack. Hyper Charge Hyper Metal sacrifices some of its health as it overcharges its body, filling itself with raw power, able to do much more damage.  However, when it is overcharged, it takes some damage per second.  The longer the overcharge, the more recoil it will take.  It can unleash all his charge with a powerful, yet short-ranged energy blast from the chest.
Paradigm Shift
Vermilion Hyperdrive Hyper Metal will overload its circuits, and drain all of its health except for a very tiny margin.  After the attack is fully charged, Hyper Metal will unleash itself as a furious, spinning nightmare, its body falling apart and electricity sparking from its body as the player gains full control on wherever Hyper Metal goes.  If it makes contact with any opponent, the opponent will take very great damage.  The more health Hyper Metal has before initiating the attack, the longer it will last.  If Hyper Metal does not win, it will very likely lose.


  • Hyper Metal is somewhat inspired by the Metal Sonic character from the Sonic the Hedgehog series.

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