Hisao and Kool Man

Hisao and Kool Man

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Nekketsu Monogatari

Hisao and Kool Man are playable characters in Paradigm. They are a paid downloadable characters and they are the 41th character to be added to the game.


Hisao Kurukawa is a Japanese high school student of the fictional Mizune Day High School. He is a bit aggressive towards his classmates, because he is being called a bully since he was a child. He got a midget bodyaguard called Go "Kool Man" Kato and his pet bird, a japanese bush warbler named Satomi. When Hisao and Kool Man read the message that was given by Hisao's childhood friend Aika Mishikami, they don't know what Paradigm is, so they given a shot by entering the portal.

At one point during the battle, Hisao met Elena Dimitrov and fell in love with her, only to be clubbed by Oni, but he dosen't give up and tries to defeat her as hard as he could before she became tired. Then Hisao give a flower to Elena and makes a romantic poem towards her, in which she was fascinated, but sad that her seperated parents aren't there, so Hisao and Kool Man accompanies her in hope to find her family.


Hisao is a tall japanese man of average height. He has a Pompadoul hairstyle, dark red shoes, and wears a japanese school outfift with red shirt.

Kool Man is a small man with blode spiky hair, wears dark red shoes, and sunglasses, and he too wears the same outift as Hisao with blue shirt.

Satomi is a average japanese bush warbler.


Hisao and Kool Man are tag-team characters. Hisao is a strong, but slow character who can wreck tons of damage and focuses on one enemy, while Kool Man is fast, but not as strong either. Both of them get their own moves.

Hisao's Quick Attack Hisao's Heavy Attack
Ashi Sutonpu Hisao will stomp into the ground with his left foot, then peforms a roundhouse kick. Holding the V2Action Red button will cause the stomp to create a big shockwave, stunning the enemy and its team if he is close enough. Hagane no Sumasshu Hisao brings his Steel Pipe and swings forward, then downwards, and finally upwards. Pressing both Up and V2Action Green before the third one will cause him to peform a spinning uppercut-like move while pressing Down and V2Action Green will grab his opponent and slams down, ending with a thrust stab into the ground.
Kool Man's Quick Attack Kool Man's Heavy Attack
G.L.O.W. Kool Man will peform a jumping kick and throws a double front kick, after landing he peforms and upward kick. B.R.E.A.K. Kool Man will do a little breakdance. Holding the button will breakdance for 10 seconds, or just cancel it.
Hisao's Special Ability 1 Hisao's Special Ability 2
Warui Otoko no Ken

Hisao will peform 4 to 6 punches, alternating between left and right, before ending with an attack in six ways.

V2Action Red: A final straight punch.

Up and V2Action Red: An uppercut.

Down and V2Action Red: An axe kick.

V2Action Green: Smashes down with his Steel Pipe.

Up and V2Action Green: A 3-hit jumping uppercut.

Down and V2Action Green: Three kicks, then crash down with a stomp.

Raijin no Mezame Hisao punches into the ground, and a pointing bolt rises for 3 seconds. Holding the button will cause to rise 4 bolts for 7 seconds.
Kool Man's Special Ability 1 Kool Man's Special Ability 2
B.L.A.S.T.E.R. Kool Man peforms a wheel kick, and pressing the move again, will do a solmersault while being engulfed by sparkes, and pressing the third will end with a spin drill kick. D.A.N.C.E. Kool Man will do some japanese dance, before ending with a spin and points at his enemy. This move increases agility at 10% and all of his move deal more hits for 10 seconds.
Special Ability 3
Switch Pressing both the shoulder buttons left and right at the same time will cause the two to switch sides. They are the only characters to use a third special ability.
Paradigm Shift
Nekketsu Monogatari Hisao and Kool Man's Paradigm Shift, since they share. It begins with Kool Man trying to grab the enemy. If success, Hisao will peform mach punches in the stomach before ending with a powerful one-hit jumping uppercut.


Hisao and Kool Man Alt. 1Hisao and Kool Man Alt. 2Hisao and Kool Man Alt. 3Hisao and Kool Man Alt. 4Hisao and Kool Man Alt. 5Hisao and Kool Man Alt. 6


Hisao: 行くのための準備? (Ready for this Go?)
Upon joining a match

Kool Man:
ねえ、いくつかがほしいこれですか。 (Hey you, want some this?)
Upon joining a match

Hisao: 私は私の足で東京に誰かをキックする準備ができて! (I'm ready to kick someone to Tokyo with my foot!)
Upon joining a match

Kool Man:
赤ちゃんを踊りましょう! (Let's dance baby!)
Upon joining a match

Upon using Warui Otoko no Ken

ここで痛みが来る! (Here comes the pain!)
Upon using Warui Otoko no Ken

私の中で雷の目が覚めている! (Awake the thunder in me!)
Upon using Raijin no Mezame

Upon using Raijin no Mezame

来て、あなたはいくつかの楽しい時を過すしたくない! (Come on, don't you want have some fun!?)
Upon using B.L.A.S.T.E.R.

ホイール キック、宙返り、ドリルでこれを終了します! (Wheel kick, somersault, and i'll finish this with a drill!)
Upon using B.L.A.S.T.E.R.

ダンス ダンス ダンス ダンス ダンス、これは氏の世界と私はあなたに話して (Dance dance dance dance dance, this is Mr. Worldwide, and i'm talking to you)
Upon using D.A.N.C.E.

ブームだ!ブームだ!ジェイ Z より踊っています。 (Boom there it is! Boom there it is! I'm dancing better than Jay Z.)
Upon using D.A.N.C.E.

久急いでそれを保持できませんで、もはやそれを終了! (Hisao hurry, i can't hold it at any longer, finish it off!)
During Nekketsu Monogatari

くそ (Shit!)
After failed to grab during Nekketsu Monogatari

During Nekketsu Monogatari

Character Specific


Hey Oni, go back to the underworld, and never cameback!
After defeating Oni

Elena, are you allright? Did i hurt you bad? Don't worry, i'll get you an ice cream
After defeating Elena.

Kool Man

It's the Legend on the Paradigm and it's really bad, the creatures in the dimension are really rad!
After defeating a demon character

A copy of me!? Who made this, Char Aznable or something?
After defeating himself.


  • Both Hisao and Kool Man are inspired by Anime characters from the 80's as the creator grew up in the past. Because of this, they are many references in this game:
    • Hisao's once agressive personality and attacking his classmates is inspired by Akira Fudo from Devilman.
    • Hisao's pet bird is named after one of the characters from Ai Shite Knight.
    • Kool Man's hair is based on Bart Simpson, and his personality is inspired by both Tomoshige from Nanako SOS and Jean from Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water.
    • Aika's design is partially inspired by both Pollon from Little Pollon and Georgie. It is also the italian name for Aiko Morimuna from Ohayo! Spank.
    • When they about to enter into the Paradigm, Hisao asks that if he grew up, he will become a police officier and find a way to attract a beautiful girl wihtout screwing it up, and Kool Man replies "In your dreams". This is a reference to Ryo Saeba, the protagonist from City Hunter.
    • Hisao and Kool Man's 5th alt. makes a reference to Kuwabara from Yu Yu Hakusho and Joe Yabuki from Ashita No Joe.
    • Their 4th alt makes a reference to the characters Riki and Kunio from the Kunio-Kun series (Which we know toady as River City Ramson or Street Gangs if you live in Europe).
  • When Hisao and Kool Man where first revealed in a magazine, they look very different, as they take appearance from morden japanese school boys, but their design where changed later on.
  • Hisao and Kool Man are the only characters to speak in their mother language. Every other characters speaks english with accents, but these two speak actual Japanese.

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