There seems to be some confusion when it comes to the structure of a hero. I am making this guide to address any issue and to assist in making better heroes in the future.

This page will outline the certain aspects of a hero and how to successfully make one.

It is important to note that no two heroes are the same, and restricting them all to a basic template would be unfair. Simple heroes are just as welcome as complex ones. However, this guide is here to generally explain what makes a proper player character in Paradigm. Exceptions are welcome, so long as they are well done and do not go too far off the beaten path. Just know that exceptions may be looked into. Below will also be a base for a page, which should be used as it is the standard.

General Concept

The Paradigm itself is a cluster of multiple realms, and it has been invaded by people from Earth. As a result, your character can be basically anything, and it could fit. However, common themes are science fiction and technology. Furthermore, characters tend to be more serious than jokey, though joke characters (if done well) are welcome, as well as weirder ones.

Background and Description

The first section after the top is the hero's Background. This explains any backstory they have and who they are.

Afterwards comes the Description section

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