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Paradigm Shift

Freak is a playable hero in Paradigm and exactly the 55th to be added.


Freak is an unknown being that comes from Paradigm, nobody knows exactly what they are or why they're involved in the feud for Paradigm, but one thing's for sure: they can all agree that Freak is certainly weird.



As you can see in the art, Freak is a strange being that's completely black, except for their sharp teeth which usually form a constant grin and their strange swirly eyes and pointy nose, whenever they're not using their arms for anything it's like they just vanish into the rest of their body, and when they stretch them out they seem bony and crooked with claws instead of fingers. Freak is very short and always covering themselves with a dark red cloak for no real reason, but everyone around them always seem like they don't want to find out what they look like beneath the cloak, regardless of how curious they truly may be.

Personality-wise, Freak is very childish, constantly playing pranks on people and laughing at other's misfortune while being angry if he suffers the same misfortune, Freak is often seen as rude by others due to them often laughing when bad things happen to people, even if these bad things shouldn't be considered funny.


Freak is an "annoying character", meant to use their small size and agility to dodge attacks and use their own attacks to mess with opponents before escaping, however, as a result of this Freak is quite frail, meaning that they can be dispatched quickly if the player doesn't know how to control them.


Quick Attack Heavy Attack
Record Scratch Freak performs a small dash forwards while they move their arm forward to slash in front of them with their right claw, if V2Action Red is pressed repeatedly with right timing right after Freak finishes their initial claw attack, Freak will jump in the air and start delivering a flurry of scratches in front of them while laughing maniacally until the player stops pressing the button or loses their timing, with Freak either stopping completely if there’s no one in front of them or bouncing off of the opponent to make a get away if there is one, while each individual scratch does average damage, the combined damage if the player keeps the combo up can be devastating, however, the flurry of scratches does not have good range and keeping the rhythm up becomes harder as Freak gradually speeds up while clawing at the opponent, which makes getting the timing right increasingly harder until it literally becomes impossible to do so after 25 seconds. A Good Lickin' Freak takes a step back while sticking out the tip of their tongue before suddenly taking a step forwards and revealing a massive tongue which they swing to the right in order to hit foes, the attack can deal quite a bit of damage and has some knockback, but it has some start-up lag. If the player presses V2Action Green once more right when Freak finishes their first swing, they will take another step forwards and swing their tongue in the other direction, this second hit deals a lot more damage and knockback than the first but it has even more start-up lag.
Special Ability 1 Special Ability 2
Pop Goes the Weasel Freak laughs to themselves as they get out a jack-in-the-box and plant it in the ground, after 10 seconds, a giant clown head will pop out of the ground, and any opponents that are in the near vicinity of it will be "paralyzed in fear", in other words, stunned for a certain amount of time. The jack-in-the-box cannot be seen once it's planted, but if a player is near the area where it was planted they will hear "Pop Goes the Weasel" playing faintly. Freak can only plant one at a time, meaning that they can't plant another one until the first one pops. Healthy Teeth Freak gets on all fours and then bites into the ground with all of their force, digging their teeth into the ground, afterward a circle of sharp fang-like spikes pop out of the ground surrounding Freak, stabbing opponents for quite a bit of damage as well as stunning them and creating a shield for Freak and any teammate, Freak can then crawl to move around (slower than usual but still quite fast) while protecting themselves and any teammate with their teeth shield until Freak stops the attack or an opponent manages to break through one of the teeth. While a teammate is inside the shield, the fangs turn opaque and dark to allow them to see through and attack their opponents as well as allow them to run off once they're ready to get out of the shield.
Paradigm Shift
?¡$%7/+|* Freak gets out a smoke bomb from their cloak along with some duct tape and tapes it to their body before suddenly taking off their cloak and eating it, however, nobody can see their true form since the smoke bomb detonates as soon as they take off their cloak, and for the player the game enters a first person perspective as they become much faster and can pin opponents down to the ground and force them to look at Freak's true form, which is seemingly so inexplicable and horrifying that they enter a state of shock in which their speed, attack strength and defense is drastically decreased for 20 seconds, Freak also loses the ability to use their Special Abilities and their Quick and Heavy Attacks are replaced by a roar that throw opponents back and deal damage if they slam into something and an attack in which Freak slams their tongue down onto the ground, creating a shockwave that anyone who doesn't avoid it. After 20 seconds the smoke around Freak starts dissipating and they're forced to spit their cloak back out and put it on as the camera returns to the normal perspective.


  • Freak's design isn't based on anything specific but was mildly inspired by Invader Zim's character designs.
  • Freak's true form is literally impossible to see, no one can see it normally because of the smoke covering them, and even when Freak pins an opponent down and shows them their true face, it is implied that it is literally so incomprehensible that it is shown as a distorted mess of colours and bright flashes (with Freak's laugh playing in the background), even if someone tries to rip Freak's true form's model and tries to see what's beneath the smoke, they wouldn't be able to see it because all they'd be able to see is a thick cloud of smoke.
  • The concept of a form that is so inexplicable that the player literally cannot see it was inspired by Gyigas from Earthbound's "inexplicable attacks".
  • Freak is genderless.

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