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Paradigm Shift
Centurial Bloodlust

Elysium is one of the many playable characters in Paradigm and the 16th character to be added.


Once upon a time, Elysium was one of the most respected vampires of his reality, and was researching his universe's Paradigm. He and one of Amber Velvet's ancestors were close friends, with the latter funding Elysium's research. Eventually, Elysium successfully built a machine that he assumed would allow him to enter the Paradigm. But he became careless while testing it, and accidentally teleported himself to the medieval world of humans.

Elysium quickly set himself up as a wealthy merchant named Baron Iddo, using the constant travel as a cover for his quest to rebuild the machine responsible for sending him here while using the humans' blood to preserve his youth. Though he managed to rebuild it faster than he ever expected, he was unable to send himself back, and instead had achieved his original goal of perfecting travel into the Paradigm.

His work was cut short when one of the members of his crew, a man named Marko, caught Elysium consuming the blood of Marko's best friend. Marko, through sheer ingenuity, managed to drive Elysium into a corner, but the vampire managed to escape using the Paradigm travel technology. For the past several centuries, he has repeatedly returned to the human realm to continue work on the device, only to be forced back by the luck and pluck of Marko and his descendants. This time, however, Elysium is so close to completion that he won't let anyone stand in his way any more. And if the entirety of the human realm has to be destroyed in order to send him back? By this point, that would just be an added bonus...





Quick Attack Heavy Attack
Special Ability 1 Special Ability 2
Leech Palm Elysium jabs his hand into the stomach of a nearby enemy and lifts them off the ground. He can continue holding them to slowly drain their health and restore his own, or hurl them aside. Enemies can still attack while being held by Leech Palm, so be careful... TBA TBA
Blood Infusion Whenever Elysium defeats an enemy, he absorbs their life force to restore his own health. He also gains whatever buffs and debuffs were affecting that enemy at the time of their death.
Paradigm Shift'
Centurial Bloodlust Elysium releases all of his pent-up rage, causing his veins to glow bright red. For a short time, his damage output and maximum health increases, and he regains health every time he inflicts damage on an enemy.


You humans don't realize who you're dealing with.
Upon joining a match.

Try not to die too quickly. That would be boring for me.
Upon joining a match.

I'm feeling the tiniest bit thirstyyy...
Upon joining a match.

Damned humans...!!
Upon activating Centurial Bloodshed

Character Specific
So the spawn of Marko wishes to test his pluck again...
Upon joining a team against Mojo


  • Elysium's pseudonym, Baron Iddo, is an anagram of Dio Brando, the name of a recurring antagonist in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

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