Elena Dimitrov

Elena Dimitrirov

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Paradigm Shift

Elena is a playable character in Paradigm. She is a paid downloadable character and is the 34th character to be added to the game.


Elena Dimitrov (Елена Димитров Yelena Dimitrov) is a 17 year old Russian girl of a Italian acenstry. She lost her father in a war when she was 5 years old, and his remains is his military outfift, which is the reason why she has a flaming hatred towards Communism, so her family moved to another country. She became lost in America when she was seperated from her mother and uncle in a Ship. During her search, she met a street mouse, which named him Tyupan and became friends. However in the Mahattan streets, she is kidnapped by a rich man and use her as a slave for his greedy company, not until Tyupan bite the man's arm and rescue her, and then was adopted by a French artist named Henri Le Glass. 12 years later, she come across a dimensional portal that takes her to Paradigm, where she believes that her missing parents live here.


Elena has aqua marine hair with two pigtails and wears both her Dad's Russian Arms Forces military outfift and her grandmother's pedant that her family wear for 5 generations. While Tyupan is a common brown mouse.


Elena is a healer-type player, who does not directly fighting herself, but she uses Tyupan as a weapon. Because of this, she is the weakest player in the game with a weak strength.

Quick Attack Heavy Attack
укус мышь (Mouse Bite) Tyupan rapidly bites his enemy. Mash the V2Action Red button to do more damage. There's a 4% chance of poisoning his enemy. Глупые оружие (Silly arms) Elena rapidly flails her arms while running in her scared way.
Special Ability 1 Special Ability 2
молчание матери (Mother's silence) Elena must be closer to her enemy. She begins with a kiss in the cheek. This move prevents the enemy to attack for 20 seconds straight. матрёшка Щит (Matryoshka Shield) Elena summons a Matryoshka doll to protect her from long or short range attacks. The doll has its own health bar, and each hit it got will get smaller and smaller until it brokes out.
Paradigm Shift Passive Trait
Healing Elena surrounds herself in a green circle as she began to float while prays in the sky. Mash the Shoulder button to heal herself and/or her teammates. Кулон матери (Mother's Pendant) Thanks to her mother's pendant, she auto recovers at 3% of her health.


Elena Dimitrirov Alt. 1Elena Dimitrirov Alt. 2Elena Dimitrirov Alt. 3Elena Dimitrirov Alt. 4Elena Dimitrirov Alt. 5Elena Dimitrirov Alt. 6


  • Elena's hairstyle is inspired by Jinx from Leauge of Legends, while her backstory is based on the events in Don Bluth's An American Tail. In fact, she was originally designed as a mouse and was to be the great granddaughter to the protagonist, Fievel Mousekewitz. However, the creator felt it won't worked for the game, so it was redesign as a human and the original was used to create Tyupan. The references don't stop there.
    • Henri Le Glass is based on Henri, the french pigeon that began working on the Statue of Liberty.
    • The unnamed rich man is possibly inspired by the antagonist Warren T. Rat.
    • Her ending is a recreation of the scene, where Fievel founded his father, Papa Mousekewitz and then the rest of his family.
  • Her name is taken from the creator's sister.
  • Elena's surname was originally Dimitrirov, but the creator later change it because it wasn't a viable Russian surname.

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