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Clara is a playable hero in Paradigm. She is one of the 10 free heroes introduced at launch.


Clara is a member of the Psiwitch coven, a group of female engineers that take their craft to a whole new level. Infusing their very life force into machinery, their craft has taken a level more akin to magic than technology. Clara herself has entered the Paradigm as a sort of rite of passage, something all aspiring Psiwitches must do.


Clara is a pale female human of below average height, presumably of Western European descent. Her hair is tied into a bun in the back, and forms a single large lock in the front that continuously covers one yellow (presumably cybernetically enhanced) eye. Only her head and torso are organic, and her limbs have been replaced with ebony-black mechanical replicas, decorated with yellow lights.

She herself wears a pair of white cargo shorts, a black tank top, a digital "cloak" consisting of a stream of black and purple pixels, and a comically large witch hat equipped with an antenna and a scouter-like device. She consistently holds a rod-like weapon with several glowing rods emanating from the top; this is referred to as her Wand and is her primary weapon.

Clara is a young individual, still retaining a large amount of childhood innocence. She does her best to cheer up her allies and make friends with them, and becomes shocked when a death on either team occurs near her.


Clara is an "anti-support" Hero who relies on softening up her team's enemies in order to help defeat them and claim the objective. She is not truly one to deal direct damage, however, and has low overall power. Though this can be alleviated by striking a foe with defense-lowering skills, Clara should stay out of the action's center as much as possible.


Quick Attack Heavy Attack
Keep Away A quick slap followed by a thrusting attack with Clara's wand. The thrust is slightly stronger than the slap, and actually has the capacity to push away a target. Charge Launcher Clara launches a shard of purple energy forward at high speed. Hold down the heavy attack button to charge energy and release more shards; when charged to the maximum, five shards will be fired.
Special Ability 1 Special Ability 2
SaL3M Virus Using this move brings up a large targeting reticule on the ground, aimed where Clara is looking. From here, the move can either be cancelled or confirmed; if confirmed, Clara casts a computer virus over all enemy targets in the reticule, lowering their strength, defense, movement speed, and ability charge time. Hexadecimal Equation Clara summons a sphere made of purple fire and sends it towards the nearest enemy within her line of sight. The orb passively deals damage over time as well as lowering defensive stats. Only one orb can exist per Clara at any given time.
Paradigm Shift
Psycho Rift Clara's Paradigm Shift.
Triggering this ability creates a slowly expanding circle around Clara; press the button again to slightly damage and paralyze all enemy entities within. If Clara is killed while the circle is still growing, it triggers automatically.


H-hi, everyone! H-how're you all doing?
Upon joining a match

Sigh... I really d-don't want to do this...
Upon joining a match

I apologize for this!
Upon using SaL3M Virus

May the b-black arts guide me!!
Upon using SaL3M Virus

Target locked. DEF d-decreased by 33%.
Upon using Hexadecimal Equation

T-take this!
Upon using Hexadecimal Equation

Character Specific
I-I'm sorry! You scared me!
After defeating Lisette.

That's what you get. Meanie.
After defeating Alister.

It's a shame, I actually would have l-liked to try your juice. Sorry.
After defeating Maloha.

P-Please don't sue me!
After defeating President Minxie.

I-I assume this is bringing in a criminal? A-Am I right?
After defeating Jailbird.


  • Clara was heavily inspired design-wise off of the Pokémon Chandelure, and her playstyle is partially based off of the Overwatch character Zenyatta.

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