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Chimera is a playable character in Paradigm. It is a paid downloadable character and is the 36th character to be added to the game.


Chimera is a failed experiment created by a unknown company to absorb fragments of Paradigm and rule the realms, at first scientists wanted to design to be a robotic version of the Greek monster, but soon change their minds and uses DNAs of all competitors to create this abombination.


What describes to be a monstrosity, it has the head of President Minxie, Amy's stomach, Cherry Fella's left arm, Oni's horn, Lisette's blonde hair, Ava Cthulhu's wings, Nate's right arm, Hyper Metal's tail, Honeydrew's abdomen, and Aquilia's tentacles as its legs.


Chimera's gameplay is very similar to Convict's gameplay in Newgrounds Rumble, where it can automatically morph into a character for 15 seconds, then he returns to normal and repeats this procees.

Quick Attack Heavy Attack
Cherry ol ' one-two punch Chimera morphs into Cherry Fella, who proceeds to do Red Tornado, then morphs into Nate to finish off with a single punch. Adoro lo SMAACK!! Chimera morphs into Pistol, doing Passione per le Giostre, then morphs into Aquillia to do a SMAACK!!
Special Ability 1 Special Ability 2
Slime Shot Chimera morphs into Lisette, who fires a green slime blast with the head of Shock'Ed with Rapid Magnum. Holding the button will make the blast bigger. Slime Pillar Chimera morphs into a slime and pillar fists comes out of its back that homes on the enemy. Non-charged fires once, half-charged fires two to three, and fully charged fires five to six.
Paradigm Shift Passive Trait
Morph Shift Chimera screams in the air and roars, then transforms into a certain character (limited to 14) and peforms a Paradigm Shift. Morph As mentioned above, it can automatically morph to a random character in 15 seconds. After passing, it will return to its normal form for another 15 seconds, and repeats.





  • Chimera is inspired by Wraxius from Soul Hunters and Newgrounds' Convict
  • It is obiously named after the Greek monster of the same name.

NOTE: Someone make the image of Chimera, i wanna see what it looks like as what i described, and its skins too.

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