Bomb With Legs


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Paradigm Shift
Nuclear Warfare

Bomb With Legs is a playable hero in Paradigm.


Bomb With Legs was originally just a bomb, designed by terrorist organization PARASITE, a group constantly trying to shut down the Paradigm through extreme methods. However, when they released the bomb into the Paradigm, the Paradigm had… different plans. The bomb was then given life by the Paradigm, transforming it into a cartoonish-looking bomb, complete with a face and limbs.

Bomb With Legs doesn't really have any reason to fight in the Paradigm, but he does anyways because he has no other purpose in life other than to explode.


Bomb With Legs is a giant round black bomb with an unlit fuse on the top of his head. He has eyes resembling yellow sparks, an open red mouth, and black lines for limbs. When attacking, his fuse becomes lit, and his face goes away when performing his Time Bomb attack, replaced with large red "digital" numbers. When Bomb With Legs is defeated without attacking, his wires may be seen, broken.


Bomb With Legs is a character who has less health than the average player. Any attack he does gives out heavy damage, but also depletes all of his health. Because of his low health, he can be defeated before he has time to finish his attack. Out of his attacks, his Paradigm Shift does the most damage, but the only way a player can use that attack would be to wait a very, very, VERY long time without attacking at all and only dodging attacks, and you'd have to be the absolute MADMAN to want to do that.


Quick Attack Description Heavy Attack Description
Not Missing Leg Day Bomb With Legs rushes forwards to crush anyone in front of him, then runs in a circle. He then has a small explosion. Time Bomb Bomb With Legs' limbs and face disappear, and his only way to move is to roll around. He then begins counting down from 10. When the counter reaches 0, he explodes with a large area of damage.
Special Ability 1 Description Special Ability 2 Description
Rushin' Doll Bomb With Legs explodes with a smaller area of damage than in his Quick Attack, but he blasts smaller bombs around him that will deal more damage and roll towards opponents. No Man Left Bomb With Legs explodes with a medium area of damage and sets anything and anyone in the area on fire, including his own teammates. This will chip away health from anyone caught on fire, and players can catch fire from other players/objects. The explosion itself, however, will not damage players on the same team.
Paradigm Shift Description
Nuclear Warfare Bomb With Legs' Paradigm Shift.
Bomb With Legs leaps into the sky, fully utilizing the potential of his legs, then transforms into a nuclear bomb, choosing one spot to land, selected by the player with a view of the map from above. The explosion will have a heavy blast, guaranteed to damage all players on the opposing team and setting fire to those lucky enough to survive.




  • Bomb With Legs was based on characters with "simple" designs, specifically Pac-Man and Kool-Aid Man. However, this inspiration doesn't go far aside from his appearance.
  • Because Bomb With Legs dies after every attack he uses, he cannot be bought alone and is automatically installed for free with any other character purchase.

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