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Ava Cthulhu is a playable hero in Paradigm. She is one of the 10 free heroes introduced at launch.


Raised by parents with insane expectations- notably, expecting their child to grow up to be a Lovecraftian monster- young Ava was always trying to impress her parents. She longed to be loved, not just neglected by some people who would have preferred an amalgamation of various body parts from creatures with optional existence.

One day, Ava threw a coin into a wishing well, hoping to finally receive her parents' love and respect. However, Ava accidentally leaned too far and fell over the well into her ultimate demise. Inside the well, though, happened to be Cthulhu, who had been sleeping for a few millennia or so. The Cthulhu, feeling bad for poor Ava, decided to restore her to life by infesting her body. She's still not really 100% alive, but at least she's finally achieved her parents' life-long goal of having a child that became a fictional abomination of needless existence.

Ava, now referred to as "Ava Cthulhu," entered the Paradigm to feast on its prey and has no intent to leave the buffet that is this alternate reality.


Cthulhu is a green monster with an octopus for a head, a human body, and a dragon's wings. Ava, on the other hand, is just a normal nine-year-old girl with blonde hair, brown eyes, blue glasses, a small white dress with blue flowers on it, and ballerina shoes. Combined, the two are AVA CTHULHU, RULER OF PARADIGM!

Ava Cthulhu combines the previously described design of Ava with Cthulhu. For a start, Ava Cthulhu has dragon wings on her back. Tentacles can reach out from either Ava Cthulhu's chest, mouth, or hands; her chest is a green hole where Cthulhu's head rests, and the rest doesn't need an explanation because who really wants to know why she has mouth tentacles? Her head also occasionally pops off with more tentacles separating her head and her neck, but that's not very important.


Ava Cthulhu starts off in every round as the character with the weakest stats in the entire game. When attacking, however, Ava Cthulhu is able to "level up," growing stronger without any limit whatsoever. However, as another downside to this, Ava Cthulhu also has random outbursts where she goes full Cthulhu for a quick moment, and these outbursts become more and more frequent the more she is leveled up. Her left shoulder button "attack" also gives her the ability to fly around the map unlike most other players.


Quick Attack Description Heavy Attack Description
Cthulhu's Rage Ava Cthulhu dashes quickly forward in midair, grabbing anyone on either team around her in her tentacles, stunning them all for a brief moment and damaging the other team's players. Torture Methods Ava Cthulhu hops to the ground, covering herself in her wings as her tentacles shoot upwards. The tentacles grab any players on the opposing team in the area to deal heavy damage, then spit them back out at the end of the attack, possibly causing additional fall damage.
Special Ability 1 Description Special Ability 2 Description
Flight of Cthulhu Ava Cthulhu utilizes her wings in a full flight mode. This allows her to both fly around anywhere on the map, controlled by the left and right analog sticks, and use her tentacles for an aimed attack by pressing the right shoulder button mid-flight. However, the aim is hard to get perfectly correct, and this attack also requires a gauge in order to work. Cthulhu Hoop Ava Cthulhu's wings wrap around her, and then a ring, supposedly made of some of her tentacles, surrounds her. She can then control the ring with the left analog stick, performing a hula hoop-like dance. Performing well can result in a block of an attack, and performing perfectly can result in a counterattack. However, the move has incredibly strict timing and can double an enemy's damage if it fails.
Paradigm Shift Description
Perfect Cthulhu Ava Cthulhu's Paradigm Shift.
Cthulhu engulfs Ava's entire body for a moment, turning 100% Cthulhu. During this, Cthulhu will rapidly attack any nearby enemy with all it's got, including tentacle movement, wing attacks, and just sort of punching. However, this attack does not last long, and Cthulhu will revert back to resting in Ava's body once it is finished.




  • As her name suggests, Ava Cthulhu is based on, surprise, the Lovecraftian monster known as Cthulhu.
  • "Cthulhu Hoop" was a pun that Blenda had wanted to use for a long time, but could never find a good use for it… well, not until now.

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