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Paradigm Shift

Aquilia is a playable hero in Paradigm.


Project "Awlla" is a prime example why blowing your research paper money on nosecandy and black market organs is a bad idea. The insane Dr. Redakkted created Aquilia after getting extremely wasted. What resulted was a horrifying mass of flesh,machine and optimism.


Aquilia's base form is similar in shape to a yellow octopus. Their form is unstable and often variates from looking similar to metal to being gooey and almost melting. their most distinguishing feature is the large shit-eating grin on its "head".


Aquilia is a hit and run character who's moveset allows them to charge into battle, deal damage and duck out in order to provide DPS and harassment.


Abiity Description Ability Description
GO GO GO!! Aquilia dashes forward, this charge can knock enemies away and can be turned a bit. SMAACK!! Aquilia swings their head in a semi-circle infront of them. Dealing knockback and damage
HUGS!! Aquilia's Technowires attempt to latch onto whatever is infront of them. They can use it to grapple onto surfaces or latch onto opponents to attack them GOTTA THINK POSITIVE!! Aquilia builds up a secondary supply of health when not being damaged.  When their health goes under 50% this is added to the primary health bar.
Ability Description

Aquilia's Paradigm Shift.
<3!!!!: When their health is higher than the GTP!! bar. Aquilia creates an aura of healing,making almost all allies within range near-invincible.They cannot attack while usin <3!!!!

X!!!!:When their GTP!! bar is higher than their health. Aquilia extends two of their tendrils and stabs forward in an X formation, dealing insane amounts of damage to whatever is caught in them.


Aquilia1 Aquilia2


  • Aquilia's concept of being a biological machine came from Dragon Ball Z's androids,Cell in particular
  • Aquilia was also going to have more in common with Cell,such as being able to sap health from opponents with attacks and steal abilities.

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