Amy Amastuchi


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Paradigm Shift

Amy Amastuchi (also referred to as Jumper-004) is a playable hero in Paradigm. She is one of the paid heroes.


Formerly known as Jumper-004, Amy Amastuchi is an android with the soul of the former Amy Amastuchi, taking up her name, appearance, and life unwittingly. While it's unknown how she ended up with the soul of Amy Amastuchi, Jumper-004 has been living her life out for a couple of years.

Her body is in a constant war with itself, with Jumper-004's former programming attempting to fight against Amy Amastuchi's soul. After a while, her android body began to creep through her appearance. The soul allows the body of Jumper-004 to have Amy's memories and appearance but Jumper-004's programming still sits at the edge of her mind, creeping in post-traumatic flashbacks that can happen seemingly at random. In addition to all this, the soul keeps Amy/Jumper-004 relatively weightless and allows them to jump hundreds of miles into the sky.

It's unknown what happened to the original Amy or how the new Amy found themselves in Paradigm, but one thing's for sure: Jumper-004's original creators are not happy.


Amy Amastuchi is a android that has a pretty human appearance with the exception of her legs, which are designed similarly to pogo sticks. She wears a midriff bearing black shirt that has a collar around her neck and a black skirt. Her arms are mechanical and her arms only have four fingers. She has brown skin and blue hair, with orange eyes. In the center of her torso is Amy Amastuchi's soul which burns blue behind glass in a steel containment unit.


Amy Amastuchi is unique in that she can jump into the air extremely high and attack from above, an option many characters don't really have a lot of defense for. As such, Amy has low defense and can be shot in the air but has maneuvers to utilize to dodge attacks such as a meteor drop or a diagonal kick landing. On ground, she's very weak in her attacks and you'll never really see a reason to use them as even indoors she can jump incredibly high. Her attacks from above are extremely punishing but hard to land.


Quick Attack (on land) Heavy Attack (on land)
Metal Punch Amy slams her fist into an opponent, doing weak damage. Metal Kick Amy kicks her foot into the opponent, bouncing her back and doing weak damage.
Quick Attack (in air) Heavy Attack (in air)
Meteor Drop Amy begins rapidly descending to the ground, slamming into the ground, sending a shock-wave and instantly killing anyone on straight on impact if the drop was done from 100+ feet in the air.. Drop Kick Kicks forward with both legs, landing diagonally. Again, a instant kill move if it makes any contact with an opponent from a 100+ distance but as opposed to a shockwave when she finally drops like in Meteor Drop, it merely just causes her to bounce up again.
Special Ability 1 Special Ability 2
Helicopter Spin Propels in the air while spinning their arms around, able to deflect projectiles while going up. Pick and Drop Amy wraps her arms around an opponent and jumps super high into the air and then drop the opponent, which will likely kill them if they hit the ground unless they're another Amy or have a way to break their fall.
Paradigm Shift Passive Trait
Weightless Touching opponents makes them weightless and causes them to drift up into the sky and to come down, suffering from fall damage. Amy can touch opponents to make them weightless for 30 seconds. Featherweight Causes Amy to float down slowly unless she uses a attack.


  • Amy Amastuchi was based off a dream that Exotoro had.
  • One of her early character designs eventually became a completely different character called Oliva Mazixen, who would join Paradigm later on.
  • Her design was not original supposed to be so obviously robotic, but it was feared that people would not understand her concept unless she was visually designed with both the jump legs and soul visible.

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