Amber Velvet


Hero Number
Paradigm Shift
Bat Outta Hell / Unhonorable Death
You won't live after this battle.

Amber Velvet is one of the many playable characters in Paradigm and the 15th character to be added.


Amber Velvet comes from an alternate dimension where vampires rule the world after a nuclear war devastated most of it. Considering humans to be the lesser race and ruling them out as the reason for why the apocalypse (the nuclear war) happened, vampires decided to turn them into slaves and kill everyone against the new way things work. She is the daughter of Count Vlad, ruler of New Transylvania, considered to be the capital of the Earth.

While exploring the ruins of the old civilization, Amber came to find a prototype device (said to be created by the nemesis of the Mojo's famiy, Elysium) that allowed access to the Paradigm like the one in the Prime Universe. Out of curiosity, she decided to test it out, which caused a portal to exist between the two universes, which proceed to vacuum Amber into the prime universe, alongside two other human slaves that were with her, with the portal disappearing soon afterward due the device not being finished.

In a strange new world, Amber finds difficult to adapt into this new civilization and believes to have traveled back into the past before the nucleear war. Her claims were considered to be false by humans. Without the power of royalty to help her, Amber joins the Paradigm tournament to show her superiority and to take over the world after winning the tournament, as people would fear her after she defeated many dangerous threats.


Amber has a light orange red skin to her. She has noticable fangs, which can extend if needed. Inside those fangs are little tentacle like features that are used for sucking the blood. She has an average build and is averagely thin, with a short black hair and blood red eyes.

She wears dark red clothing and doesn't showcases emotion about her actions or what is happening to her, always keeping a stoic emotionless appearance.



Quick Attack Heavy Attack
Weakling, Weakling! A barrage of short-ranged punches that can be quickly spammed, although it can leave Amber umprotected if she misses the attack. Negative Strike A chargable attack in which Amber strikes the area next to her with a blast of dark energy. Powerful and can leave the opponent stunned, although it is slow and predictable.
Special Ability 1 Special Abiity 2
Fresh Blood Amber rushes forwards with the intention of catching the nearby opponent and if she does so she sucks out their blood. While she is running, she gains super armor and cannot be damaged but it is a short dash anyway. This attack can be performed on her human slaves. Void of Darkness Amber summons a black void which proceeds to suck the enemies towards to it for a short amount of time. If the opponent enters the void, they will be attacked by phantoms. There's a long cooldown period after the move is used.
Ability Description
Bat Outta Hell Amber's Paradigm Shift, when activated from afar.

Amber feeds herself with her human slaves giving her enough blood to activate her bat form, which she proceeds to make it gigantic. The gigantic bat form can attack opponents with lightning fast moves or attack with blood beams from the eyes. This transformation only lasts for a short time.

Unhonorable Death Amber's Paradigm Shift, when activated up close to an opponent.

Amber gets up close with her target and hypnotizes the opponent by looking directly into their eyes as well as saying a demonic chant. After she finishes the chant, she backs off as the opponent proceeds to commit suicide. It is incredibly easy to dodge but it is also an incredibly powerful move.


Better give up while you have the chance to live.
Upon joining a match.

Let us bathe the battlefield on our opponents blood.
Upon joining a match.

These creatures are nothing against the might of the vampires!
Upon joining a match.

You won't need it after you are done for.
Amber, upon succesfully performing her Fresh Blood move.

Forget about light and embrace the darkness!
Amber, upon performing her Void of Darkness move.

A royal shouldn't do such a dirty job, lesser beings do it for me.
Amber, upon performing her Do My Work, Slaves move.

Let this steel end your useless life!
Amber, upon performing her Useless, Useless move.

Character Specific
It seems like I don't have any other choice than helping a weakling.
Amber, upon joining a team with Mojo.

Elysium has told me stories about a human that could be a potentional threat to the vampire kind. Could it be you? I doubt it.
Amber, upon joining a match with the oppostie team with Mojo on it.

A silver bullet won't end the life of a superior being.
Amber, upon defeating Lisette.

Simple human knowledge isn't enough to surpass the strength of vampires.
Amber, upon defeating Alister.

Your practice of witchcraft is intriguing but it didn't do much to save your life.
Amber, upon defeating Clara.

Your fire is hot as sun, I hope your blood is just as hot.
Amber, upon defeating Ignis.

A pathetic creature even compared to the likes of humans doesn't has any chance of harming me.
Amber, upon defeating Styng.

An impressive showcase of strength, as expected of a non-human creature. Thanks for the fight.
Amber, upon defeating Oni.

Humans and their pathetic amibtions, how come they expect to being able to even touch me?
Amber, upon defeating Maloha.

What a poor being, corrupted by the human race.
Amber, upon defeating Car1.

I appreciate being able to fight an equal opponent on the battlefield.
Amber, upon defeating Ava Cthulhu.


  • Amber is based off the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure characters Dio Brando and Stroheim as well Nazi Germany.
  • The name of the character comes from the Ronnie James Dio's band The Elf single Amber Velvet.
  • When battling Mojo, two things can happen.
    • When using the Fresh Blood move on him, Amber has a 25% chance of doing a special animation where she twists her finger inside her skull, a refernece to a similar thing DIO did in Stardust Crusaders.
    • When using her Paradigm Shift on him, she will say "It's a shame you have to die. You could had been a powerful ally. This is my final gesture to you as a rival, Mojo!" before she uses her attack, as a reference to one of Dio's final lines in Phantom Blood.

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