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Paradigm Shift
What's in the Hat?

Alleyma is a playable hero in Paradigm.


Alleyma was a girl from New Orleans who was fascinated in magic. She used to buy magic trick instructional booklets and equipment, something her family forbid because they were very religious. That didn't stop Alleyma though, and she was always sneaky when smuggling her equipment in and around her house to practice tricks. She then began to do shows, small ones at first, then large ones, and soon she began to get paid for it When she turned 19, she had her big break by signing a contract with a company, and is now rich and famous with her amazing magic tricks. Her parents reacted very negatively to this, but she paid no mind and continued on with her life, happy. She came to fight in the Paradigm because she simply wanted to astound everybody with her tricks.


Alleyma wears her hair in a bun, and she bears a beauty mark on her right cheek. She is wearing a magician's outfit with black high heels, white gloves, and golden bands going around her sleeves. She carries with her a wand, and she also has a magician's hat. She is also accompanied by her augmented bunny.

Alleyma is very show-offy, brave, confident, and dramatic. She has no problem preforming in front of a large crowd, and likes to please people.


Alleyma's arsenal of little widgets allows her to both preform magic tricks, and help her in battle. She is a support character. Her defence and attacks are relatively weak to most other playable characters.


Quick Attack Heavy Attack


Alleyma extends her wand quickly, which is enough to cause damage when it hits a target. If button-mashed, She can preform a few more quick jabs. The wand will keep extended until you press the button again, so while it's extended it can trip over enemies. If too many enemies trip over the wand, it breaks and there is a long cooldown before she can use this attack.

Pick a Card Alleyma takes out a deck of cards and takes a random one out. Throw it by pressing the button again, with a chance of causing an explosion. You can throw up to 20 cards (5 explosive) until Alleyma runs out. You can cancel it out by holding the button.
Special Ability 1 Special Abiity 2
Dust Bunny Alleyma pulls a bunny out of her hat, then places it on the ground, immediately creating a cloud of "magic dust" around it. The dust slows enemies, and speeds allies up. The cloud of dust lasts for 8 seconds. When it finishes, the bunny has to be picked back up again to be used again. Locking Rings Alleyma links any two of the opposing team's members, which will leave them unable to leave each other's vicinity for a certain amount of time, leaving both of them vulnerable. If either of them use a movement ability, the other receives significant damage from being dragged. This ability has a long cooldown.
Paradigm Shift Passive Trait

What's in the Hat?

Alleyma pulls her hand into her hat, which opens a portal above for Alleyma's hand to wreak havoc on the battlefield by simply moving around. You cannot move nor be damaged during this. You can also preform different attacks with your now giant hand by pressing the move buttons. This will last for 6 seconds.

Charismatic Aura

Any ally that is close to Alleyma will slowly regenerate health.



Skins Coming Soon

  • Coming Soon:
    • Skin 1: Witchcraft
    • Skin 2: Steampunk
    • Skin 3: Gemstone
    • Skin 4: Pure Lily


Prepare for the show of your lifetime!
Upon joining a match.

C'mon down and watch the show!
Upon joining a match

Any of you heard of me?
Upon joining a match

Behold, the mystical Alleyma!
Upon joining a match

Prepare to be astounded!
Random Dialogue

Abra Cadabra!
Random Dialogue

And for my next trick, I'll make you disappear!
Random Dialogue

Beaten by the mystical Alleyma!
Upon defeating an enemy

Hope you enjoyed the show!
Upon defeating an enemy

That's all, folks!
Upon defeating an enemy

Is this the part where I bow?
Upon defeating an enemy

Your last act!
Upon defeating an enemy

Sawed you in half!
Upon defeating an enemy

“'Betcha didn't see that comin'!
When an enemy trips on her wand

Upon using Extendo-Wand

Aw, man!
When Extendo-Wand breaks

Lemme pick a card, any card!
Upon using Pick a Card

Hmm, this deck seems interesting!
Upon using Pick a Card

My trump cards!
Upon using Pick a Card

I'd reshuffle if I were you!
Upon using Pick a Card

Throwing a Card

Don't get a paper cut!
Throwing a Card

Dazzling explosion!
Throwing an Explosive Card

A brilliant display!
Throwing an Explosive Card

Fell down like a house of cards!
Defeating an enemy with a card

Out of the hat!
Upon using Dust Bunny

Maaagical bunny dust!
Upon using Dust Bunny

Another one bites the dust!
Someone is defeated while caught in Dust Cloud

Call me matchmaker!
Upon using Locking Rings

You two look perfect for each other!
Upon using Locking Rings

Match made in Paradigm!
Upon using Locking Rings

Have fun, you two!
Upon using Locking Rings

Character Specific
Li me sette the record straight, your clothes are cool.
Opening a match with Lisette

You do magic tricks too? Just wanted to Clara-fy.
Opening a match with Clara

Ai'd list 'er good clothes, but it seems you're not very fashionable!
Opening a match with Alister

You scales are really DRAGging it ON.
Opening a match with Ignis

You look like you mean Bignis! (bignis kinda pronounced 'business')
Opening a match with Ignis

HA! I get it!
Opening a match with Styng

You kinda look like a... it's on the tip of my tongue, it's ON I-t!
Opening a match with Oni

Well, Maloha to you too!
Opening a match with Maloha

I'm watching you, Mojo!
Opening a match with Mojo

101 1 C4N7 M4K3 4 P0N 430U7 U
Opening a match with Car1

Ha, I'm an ava-d fan of yours! (ava-d pronounced 'avid')
Opening a match with Ava Cthulu

No need to sneak, man!
Opening a match with Sneakman

A-quill-ya! (pronounced 'I kill ya')
Opening a match with Aquilla

Wow, shocking.
Opening a match with Shock'Ed

More quotes coming soon


  • Alleyma is pronounced A-lay-ma, not alley-ma.